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Mono-blue Arcbound deck

11.22.04  Hey all! This weekís deck garage is centered around a mono-blue Arcbound deck. Hereís the e-mail I receivedÖ

Heya Paul, i've been havin a bit of difficulty in making a good Blue Arcbound deck. So here's my deck:

Creatures (26):
1x Arcbound Ravager
1x Arcbound Overseer
2x Arcbound Reclaimer
1x Arcbound Fiend
1x Arcbound Hybrid
2x Arcbound Crusher
4x Arcbound Worker
3x Arcbound Stinger
2xArcbound Bruiser
1x Spin Crusher
2x Spire Golem
3x Frogmite
3x Vedalken Engineer

Spells (17):
3x Thoughtcast
3x Unsummon
1x Remove Soul
2x Boomerang
2x Flash Counter
2x Reshape
1x Fabricate
1x Pulse of the Grid
1x Psychic Overload
1x Chamber of Manipulation

Artifacts (7):
3x Skullclamps
3x Welding Jar
1x Dragon Blood

Lands (20):
16x Island
4x Seat of the Synod

I don't really have much of a strategy, i'm kinda new, and i have a really slim budget. If you have any pointers help me out please.

The first major thing I would like to do to the deck is to drop it from the 70 cards itís at right now to a more reasonable 60 cards. This will help the deckís owner draw the cards that he wants when he wants more consistently.

Browsing through, I think we can reasonable get rid of Arcbound Overseer, as he is just too expensive. Dragon Blood is a cute addition to the deck, but I think its activation might cost too much. Both Flash Counter and Remove Soul seem like (at best) sideboard cards to me, so they go out as well. Iíve never been a huge fan of Spin Crusher (it just doesnít do enough!), so it can go. Psychic Overload and Chamber of Manipulation donít really fit the theme of this deck (hit opponent & abuse modular), so they can both take a trip. Finally, since Unsummon is already in the deck, I would imagine that Boomerang can be removed.

-1 Arcbound Overseer
-2 Boomerang
-1 Chamber of Manipulation
-1 Dragon Blood
-2 Flash Counter
-1 Psychic Overload
-1 Remove Soul
-1 Spin Crusher

Iím normally going to be against running a flat twenty land in a deck, and this deck is no exception. Even with Vedalken Engineer (whom I am upping to four), I think this deck needs to run at least 22.

+2 Island
+1 Vedalken Engineer

Iím not such the big fan of Arcbound Hybrid or Arcbound Reclaimer. I think the Reclaimer is a decent enough card, but it doesnít quite do enough here. This deck wants to make big dudes with modular and run over opponents, which makes Reclaimer the weak link. The Hybrid, on the other hand, is just too expensive for what it does.

-1 Arcbound Hybrid
-2 Arcbound Reclaimer

Pulse of the Grid seems a little out of place in this deck. I would much rather see a fourth Thoughtcast. Likewise, I think Fabricate is a worse option here than Reshape, as Reshape lets the pilot abuse modular that much more.

-1 Fabricate
-1 Pulse of the Grid
+1 Reshape
+1 Thoughtcast
The star player in this deck (aside from Ravager, who we canít add more of due to budget constraints [see above]) is Arcbound Crusher. It has the ability to get massive fast, and it is fairly inexpensive. If the pilot abuses Skullclamp, then he / she can continue to draw artifacts, which in turn makes Crusher bigger and bigger. Thus, I think Arcbound Fiend needs to become another copy of Arcbound Crusher.

-1 Arcbound Fiend
+1 Arcbound Crusher

I debated for a while on whether I wanted to up the count on Arcbound Bruiser or not, but I finally decided to leave it as two. Spire Golem bothers me, though, as it can very easily get stuck in the pilots hand early on in the game. I think it should become one more Frogmite and a fourth Skullclamp, which is never a bad card to have.

-2 Spire Golem
+1 Frogmite
+1 Skullclamp

That about wraps up work on the deck. Letís see how it turned outÖ

Creatures (21):
2 Arcbound Bruiser
3 Arcbound Crusher
1 Arcbound Ravager
3 Arcbound Stinger
4 Arcbound Worker
4 Frogmite
4 Vedalken Engineer

Spells (10):
3 Reshape
4 Thoughtcast
3 Unsummon

Artifacts (7):
4 Skullclamps
3 Welding Jar

Lands (22):
18 Island
4 Seat of the Synod

Hope that helps, anonymous deck contributor, and good luck!

Iíll see yíall next week.

-Paul Hagan


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