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Green Blue in MBC


Hey all, and welcome again to the Magic Deck Garage! Would you like to see your deck in the Deck Garage? You can by sending me an e-mail at and leaving me every bit of information you think I need to know about your deck. You should hear back from me within a day or two at the latest.

This week, we have a Green, Blue, and Artifact deck sent in from Debbie, who wants to pilot it through the Mirrodin Block season. The only information I got from Debbie was that she likes to lay the smack down with Pulse of the Tangle, so we’ll make sure to keep that in mind.

2 Arcbound Worker

2 Eternal Witness

4 Frogmite

3 Myr Enforcer

2 Steel Wall

2 Assert Authority

3 Condescend

1 Echoing Courage

1 Echoing Truth

1 Ferocious Charge

1 Loxodon Warhammer

4 Pentad Prism

1 Pulse of Tangle

3 Reap and Sow

2 Serum Visions

2 Tel-Jilad Justice

2 Thirst for Knowledge

2 Thoughtcast

2 Whispersilk Cloak

10 Forest

1 Mirrodin’s Core

5 Island

4 Seat of Synod

1 Tree of Tales

The first *major* thing I need to say about this decklist and Mirrodin Block is that I think you should be going all out with the artifacts or go with almost none, otherwise you’ll fall victim to all of the artifact hate in the environment. Looking at Debbie’s deck and e-mail, which stated she wanted to win with green, I’m going to lean towards a green over artifacts. Thus, immediately, Frogmite, Steel Wall, Arcbound Worker, and Myr Enforcer have to take the trip.

-2 Arcbound Worker

-4 Frogmite

-3 Myr Enforcer

-2 Steel Wall

Instead, for a green creature base, why don’t we up the count of Eternal Witness, followed by throwing in the uber-useful Viridian Shaman. With the bounce present in the deck, and the bounce that I’ll be adding, you can do a lot of very sick tricks with these two cards.

+2 Eternal Witness

+4 Viridian Shaman

Since that doesn’t make up for the lost creature, why don’t we also throw in Troll Ascetic. Between the amount of bounce and burn in block, Troll seems like he should be able to fit into most green decks.

+4 Troll Ascetic

Finally, to help straiten out the mana in the deck, and because we’ll be adding several things that return Debbie’s creatures to her hand, we can drop in Jens Thoren.

+3 Solemn Simulacrum

Finally, since Debbie likes to win with Pulse of Tangle, we’ll throw in a few more of those to help her draw them more often.

+2 Pulse of Tangle

This brings me to the subject of consistency. The biggest issue, by far, with Debbie’s deck is consistency – she has a lot of one-ofs and two-ofs, and when you only have one copy of a card, you aren’t often going to draw that card up. Thus, I am going to change her set of one-ofs into a full set of Echoing Truth, which is incredibly solid against any Affinity deck, and it works well with all of Debbie’s creatures as well.

-1 Echoing Courage

-1 Ferocious Charge

-1 Loxodon Warhammer

+3 Echoing Truth

To go along with this theme of returning Debbie’s opponents’ creatures to hand, we’ll throw in a set of Aether Spellbomb. To help make room, I’ll eliminate Pentad Prism. Although I think the Prism is a great card, this isn’t the deck in which it belongs – there are only two colors, making it a two-mana jump at best.

-4 Pentad Prism

+4 Aether Spellbomb

Finally (on the subject of bounce), I’ll throw in Crystal Shard. The Shard is a really techy card that has been getting more and more attention recently, especially because of its interactions with cards like Eternal Witness and Viridian Shaman. To make room, we’ll drop out Reap and Sow – it’s a great card for Tooth and Nail because they need the mana, but with Simulacrum in Debbie’s deck, it isn’t really needed.

+3 Crystal Shard

-3 Reap and Sow

Since one can never complain about card draw, I’d like to up the number of Serum Visions in Debbie’s deck to four. Looking at her current list, she should probably cut Assert Authority, as it is a poor choice now with as few artifacts as are in the deck now.

+2 Serum Visions

-2 Assert Authority

We’ll round out the deck by losing the cards that we have left over in favor of a few more land and bringing the total number of cards down to 60.

-2 Tel-Jilad Justice

-2 Thirst for Knowledge

-2 Thoughtcast

-2 Whispersilk Cloak

I won’t go into detail on how I’m changing the last, but the final count looks like this:

11 Forest

7 Island

4 Mirrodin’s Core

That about wraps up this decklist. The final version of Debbie’s new deck looks like:

4 Eternal Witness

3 Solemn Simulacrum

4 Troll Ascetic

4 Viridian Shaman

4 Aether Spellbomb

3 Condescend

3 Crystal Shard

4 Echoing Truth

3 Pulse of Tangle

4 Serum Visions

11 Forest

7 Island

4 Mirrodin’s Core

You’ll notice that we still have the concepts of blue for card-draw and counterspells, green for laying beats, and artifacts for utility. Debbie is now going to draw what cards she needs more consistently, and she should have a lot of tricks to do with Crystal Shard, Aether Spellbomb, and Echoing Truth.

I hope that helps, Debbie!

That about wraps it up for this week. Remember, if you want to see your deck in the Deck Garage, drop me an e-mail at, and make sure to tell me everything you think I need to know about what you want to do with the deck!

Happy gaming!

-Paul Hagan



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