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Dolf's Magic the Gathering Deck Garage
 Red Myr Deck
April 29, 2011

This deck is about getting off the Unlimited mana combo, unlimited token combo, or both. Then finishing them with Igniter, Predator (switching for another Igniter when I get another one), Zenith, Demonfire, or Fireball.


Hellkite Igniter
Myr Battlesphere x2 (switching out for 2 more Propagators when I can get them)

Predator Dragon
Myr Galvanizer x4

Palladium Myr x3
Myr Propagator
Myr Sire x4
Iron Myr x4

Other stuff:

Myr Turbine
Myr Reservoir x2
Concussive Bolt x3
Red Sun's Zenith
Demonfire x2 (switching out for 2 more Zeniths when I can get them)
Fireball x2
Soul's Fire x2 (switching out for 2 more Turbines when I can get them)
Lightning Bolt x3


Mountain x23




Thanks for the submission and all the info here. I definitely know exactly how you want this deck to operate and you really already have the entire basis of it set. I'm just going to go through here and see if I can streamline this into a final decklist and make a few suggestions to help tighten it up.

Since this is a combo deck let's start with the cards that make up said combo and get a full set of 4 into the deck as we want to make sure we have the best possible chance to find all the necessary cards each game. I'll also briefly explain how the combo itself works for those who don't know these cards offhand. We start with Palladium Myr which gives taps to give us 2 colorless mana and combine it with 2 Myr Galvanizers which for a tap and 1 colorless will untap each other Myr you control.

So it works like this: tap the Palladium to add 2 colorless, use 1 mana to tap the first Galvanizer which untaps your Palladium, tap the Palladium again to add another 2 mana, use 1 to tap  the second Galvanizer which untaps your Palladium and your first Galvanizer. From here you can just continue repeating this into infinity netting yourself an additional 1 mana everytime your Palladium gets tapped then untapped. Add in a single red mana and you can cast a Fireball or Red Sun's Zenith for an unnecessarily large amount of damage.

Additionally we can make infinite tokens simply by adding Myr Propagator to the above cards which for a tap and 3 colorless lets you put a token that's a copy of itself onto the battlefield. Combined with the infinite mana and untapping provided by the combo above you can make as many Propagator tokens as you want. Then either attack with them all next turn or cast a Predator Dragon devouring them all and attacking with an absurdly large and very hasty dragon. Remember to leave at least 1 Propagator on the field so as not to break your token engine just in case your opponent has a timely removal spell for the dragon.

So we've got the basis of our combos and the finisher spells here. Let's talk about the other cards. First off I think the Hellkite Igniter is sort of redundant and subpar in this deck as you need infinite red mana to make the igniter hit hard enough. The only way to get that is to add the Iron Myr into the mix with the combo above which already is going to be producing you infinite colorless. So essentially you're going to need 5 cards to go off (Propagator, 2 Galvanizers, Iron Myr, & Igniter) as opposed to your other kill spells which only require 4 cards all together to combo off. The Iron Myr itself can stay as it's a two drop and gives us red mana which will accelerate us into your other cards.

The battlespheres as you mentioned already can go as they don't really fit with what we're trying to do here. I think you'd actually be ok with only 2-3 Myr Turbines since they don't combo, they cost 5, and their only real utility is to find you a few missing combo pieces. Four seems like overkill. Another card that could fit well in here is Molten Psyche. You can cast it to hopefully find the missing pieces of your combo and given how many Myr you have you should be able to get the metalcraft trigger off as well to do some damage to your opponent as well.

I like the Myr Sire to stall the early game a bit and let you survive long enough to start assembling your combo, though you could also look at Perilous Myr. Concussive Bolt on the other hand isn't really going to do much for you until the late game where you want to be focusing on assembling your combo anyway. I say you put in the original and get a playset of Lightning Bolt in there as it can help you out early on and the 3 damage can help finish off a close game at the end as well. I'm a big fan of Lightning Bolt if you can't tell from my e-mail address.

I like this deck a lot because even if you don't get the full combo it can still win just by attacking and doing damage with your spells whenever you can. Since we are already playing nothing but mountains why don't we add in another win condition with Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle. We're going to be playing 22 Mountains already so 2 copies of Valakut is an easy way to just get some additional firepower in the deck and you should be able to find at least one with Molten Psyche. So with that we could have something that looks like this:

21 Creatures:

4x Iron Myr
4x Myr Sire
4x Myr Galvanizer
4x Myr Propagator
4x Palladium Myr
1x Predator Dragon

15 Spells:

4x Lightning Bolt
2x Fireball
2x Red Sun's Zenith
3x Molten Psyche
2x Myr Resevoir
2x Myr Turbine

24 Lands:

2x Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle
22x Mountains

That'll do it for this decklist. Try it out and play around with the numbers until you get it running smoothly.





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