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Dolf's Magic the Gathering Deck Garage
Ally Genesis Wave Deck
January 15, 2011

Hey Dolf,

My name is David, and this is my Ally Genesis Wave deck for the Standard format.
GBU Ally Wave--60 Cards

28 Creatures
4 Harabaaz Druid
2 Graypelt Hunter
2 Bojuka Brigand
4 Oran-Rief Survivalist
4 Joraga Tree-Speaker
4 Birds of Paradise
4 Halimar Excavator
4 Hagra Diabolist
6 Non-Creatures
2 Everflowing Chalice
4 Genesis Wave
26 Land
4 Verdant Catacombs
4 Misty Rainforest
2 Island
2 Darkslick Shores
10 Forest
4 Swamp
2 Garruk
3 Overwhelming Stampede
3 Bala Ged Thief
3 Memoricide
4 Spreading Seas

There are three ways to win: mill (Halimar Excavator), direct life loss (Hagra Diabolist), and the usual face-beating strategy. Genesis Wave makes all of them go nuts, as it is possible to set up multiple Ally triggers each turn. Mana acceleration is key for landing a huge Genesis Wave, and so 12 creatures that accelerate mana have found their way into the deck. The sideboard is purely hypothetical--Garruk and Overwhelming Stampede are there for different win-out-of-nowhere strategies, Memoricide is there for decks that have the brunt of their power revolving around a few big cards (UB control, Valakut), Spreading Seas is there for Valakut, and Bala Ged Thief is there for the control matchup.

For now, this list is entirely hypothetical. In the current world of Standard, it seems like control is leading the pack. In my area, control is big, but so is RW aggro. Unfortunately, it seems like both of those matchups would be horrible, their process of winning directly interferes with this deck's fragile win strategy. I've thought about removing the either the blue or the black for white. I would lose a win condition either way, but I would gain Talus Paladin and Join the Ranks. Feel free to suggest ANYTHING, though, and if you don't think the deck could be competitive in Standard, feel free to say that as well.





While I'm not really a tournament player I still feel like we could definitely do something to improve upon your deck here. If you're going to go play in a tournament and have a good idea of the meta-game you should try to tailor your deck more to counter what you're going to be facing. I understand the win condition you're going for is a huge Genesis Wave into lots of ally triggers but I'm just not seeing this is a viable combo as it's very difficult to setup and easily disrupted. I'm going to suggest you drop the blue and black completely and really just focus in on making a good G/W aggro deck that can still utilize Genesis Wave.

For one drops the Joraga Tree-Speaker still fits well but to that we can now add Hada Freeblade which comes in as a 1/2 and proceeds to get more ridiculous from there. At the 2 spot the survivalists get paired up with Kazandu Blademaster which is just such a good card. Hello infect creature my name is first strike and you can keep your -1/-1 counters to yourself. You now have 3 creatures that you can play on turns 1 or 2 which will continually get bigger and apply pressure as the game goes on. The Harabaz Druids also can stay since they'll just trigger your other allies to get bigger and also set you up for the wave, however, since we're going more aggro and they have 0 power you may only need 2. In the 3 slot we add Kabira Evangel as it can make your whole team pro-from whatever color on a given turn which could allow you to swing in for lethal.

Keep your couple of graypelts at the 4 spot just for some additional trampling goodness. Now at the very top since you have good mana generation you could also try to include a copy or two of Turntimber Ranger. They get big, trigger your earlier allies, and make wolf tokens so if you do get wiped in the mid-game they can quickly rebuild you a fighting force. Since we've gone more aggro and less combo I'd say you could probably stand to drop a Genesis Wave or two. I'd also like to see either Garruk and/or Overwhelming Stampede make their way into the final decklist so that you can translate your good early game into a quick finish, especially if your control deck opponent stumbles at all.

Now for some anti-control tech, since it's so prevalent, and I think I saw two cards that will do the trick. One is Silence which for 1 white at instant speed can totally shut your opponent down for a turn. This can basically protect your board position and set you up for the win. You can Silence on your turn to prevent any shenanigans while you swing in for the win, or on your opponents turn to prevent them from playing some scary sorcery like Day of Judgment. Just make sure you cast it at the start of the turn because anything on the stack before this resolves will not be affected.

The other card to help vs control is Autumn's Veil which you can use similarly to Silence to protect your board position. Additionally you can use it to make sure you're able to cast that critical Genesis Wave or Overwhelming Stampede in the face of a counterspell. You might also want to think about including some removal to help against other aggro decks, check out Puncturing Light, Condemn, or Celestial Purge (can be a silver bullet against some decks).  Also since I didn't mention it before I don't think Talus Paladin is really worth it as you're playing aggro so trample is a much more relevant ability than life gain to me at the 4 spot. Join the Ranks also kinda feels like a sub par selection to me but feel free to try it out.

So we end up with something looking like this:

26 Creatures

4 Joraga Tree-Speaker
4 Hada Freeblade
4 Oran-Rief Survivalist
4 Kazandu Blademaster
2 Harabaaz Druid
4 Kabira Evangel
2 Graypelt Hunter
2 Turntimber Ranger

10 Spells

2 Garruk Wildspeaker
3 Genesis Wave
1 Overwhelming Stampede
2 Silence
2 Puncturing Light

24 Land
4 Razorverge Thicket
4 Sunpetal Grove
9 Forest
7 Plains

2 Silence
4 Autumn's Veil
4 Celestial Purge
2 Puncturing Light
2 Overwhelming Stampede
1 Harabaaz Druid

Obviously these are just an educated guess here and you'll want to finalize the numbers and your sideboard through playtesting before heading to any tournament. In any case have fun with the list and send any feedback or victory stories.



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