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BeJoSe's Deck Garage
Saproling Swarm
September 1, 2009

Deck Garage - Saproling Swarm
4 x scatter the seeds
4 x mycoloth
4 x wild growth
4 x rampant growth
4 x sprout
4x thelonite hermit
4 x verdant embrace
4 x life and limb
2 x verdoloth ancient
22 x forests

Hey  this is my green saproling swarm deck. This deck has been losing lately and I was hoping you could help me out. The cards that i was hoping to keep in here was mycoloth, life and limb, and thelonite hermit. The point of it is to swarm and then try to win in 1 or 2 attacks. I am on a pretty loose budget so feel free to make some expensive edits. I am hoping to avoid using doubling season mainly because its really pricey and too much mana but other then that card do whatever you like.

*Note: Theres only 56 cards in this deck so you can add 4 for free


I've always liked saprolings as a "tribe", here are my thoughts.


Sprout Swarm is definitely a card you'll want to use. Once you get 5 creatures it basically becomes a free saproling every turn, maybe even two. If nothing else it can useful for making chump blockers.

If your looking to swarm your opponent rather that sacrifice the saprolings for effects as is usual then Gaea's Anthem is worth a look, turning all those not so scary 1/1's into nice 2/2 beaters. Also must haves for this deck would be either Garruk, or the less pricey Overrun. Both allow you to crash in for a probably lethal strike. I'm inclined to go with Garruk, although your opponent can see it coming there’s not much they can do about it if you got saprolings to chump block for him and in addition he accelerates your mana.

For getting your bombs (Verdeloth and Thelonite) two useful cards stand out. Primal command will allow you to make a nice life buffer of possibly deal with a problem card for a turn. Chord of Calling on the other hand will let you bring a creature straight to the battlefield. Scion of the Wild is another creature you might want to consider, it could grow very large very quickly.

Tower Above is very useful for 2 reasons; firstly it lets you get in some extra damage while also dealing with problem creatures.

Being mono-green you've got some leeway with your lands. Pendlehaven is an auto-include in a deck like this allowing you to pump up your saprolings. Quicksands (or Desert) are nice lands for dealing with opposing creatures.

In terms of cards that stand out; sprout is fairly underwhelming, I'd say sprout swarm is nearly always better. Sakura Tribe elder is almost nearly always better than rampant growth. I think 4 verdant embraces are too many, 2 sounds like a good number.



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