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BeJoSe's Deck Garage
Mono Red Elemental Pandemonium Casual Deck
August 9, 2010



Been playing and fiddling with a casual Pandemonium Deck. The basis is fairly check one shot hitting Elementals which double up effectively one I get a Pandemonium in play.


The new expansion cards creature in the  deck are Either therIncandescent Soulstokee for their evoke abilities or to be brought in as single hitters with Incandescent Soulstokes (Or One-two hitters once Pandemonium hits play). Thing Flings mean I can potential deal a creatures power three times in damage within a turn. The Basilisk Collar is there for the life gain, I haven't tracked down any more as yet as although the cheap potential life gain is great im unsure about the watering down effects more might have. If I draw a Nova chaser when I have Soulstroke/Pandemonium in play for 2 Mana I can play the Nova dealing 11 with Pandemonium, remove the Soulstroke from play, hit someone with the Nova for 10 Haste/Trample and then at the end of turn put sacrifice the Nova and put the Soulstroke back into play dealing 2 more. If I have a Fling in my end the potential 23 damage rockets to a potential 33 for 4 mana total.


The Thunderblust with Soulstroke combo I particular like put the Thunderblust into play as a 8/3 haste with the Soulstroke for 2 mana, hit out for 8 and then at the end of turn sacrifice Thunderblust and Persist kick in putting it back into play as a 7/3 Trample. With Pandemonium that a additional 15 damage that turn without any combat damage involved!


From the games I've played so far it seems fairly solid. Good quick early game and providing the card fall right a decent middle game as well.


Budget wise I'd say middling. I can't stretch to fielding 4 Phrexian Dreadnaughts even if it didn't feel like cheating!


Anyway would really appreciate your feedback on my take!




Nick Howie



Mountains (23)



Pandemonium (4)

Pyroclasm (2)

Fling (4)

Elemental Appeal (4)

Claws of Valakut (2)



Spark Elemental (4)

Nova Chaser (4)

Hellspark Elemental (4)

Incandecent Soulstroke (4)

Living Inferno (2)

Thunderblust (4)

Spitebellows (2)

Lightning Serpent (2)

Glarewielder (2)

Ball Lightning (1)



Basilisk Collar (1)


So it has been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time since I wrote for the site, but here I am again.  My articles might be a bit shorter than usual due to study but I'm going to aim for 1 a week from now on.

So first up, cuts:

Claws of Valakut, most of the creatures you have won't be hanging around for long anyway
Basilisk Collar, Same reason as above, plus
your deck if focused on finishing the opponent off as quickly as possible rather than going for the long game.
Living Inferno, If you don't have the soulstoke or it gets killed your basically never going to play this guy
Pyroclasm, This one is really up to. Most of your creatures have haste/trample so small blockers shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Now, what to add:

Howling Mine/Font of Mythos: The biggest danger with Mono-R decks is running out of steam, either of these or a combination should help
Devastating Summons: Nice finisher, sacrifice 5 lands for 10 damage with Pandemonium out
Electropotence: Pandemonium 5 through 8, 8 of the same effect might be too many maybe 5 or 6?
Hell's Thunder: Another nice elemental to add in

Hope that helps




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