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BeJoSe's Deck Garage
Casual R/W
July 13, 2009

So I finished my exams and took a bit of a break, can't wait for university to start again next week! *sarcasm*
Anyway I'll take advantage of the down time to try and do a few fixes.

Deck Garage - Casual R/W


I wondering if u have some tips to deck I currently working at. Without further introduction:

20 lands:

9 plains
9 mountain
2 boros garrison

24 creatures:
4 hobgoblin dragoon
4 balefire liege
4 battlegate mimic
4 boros swiftblade
4 skyknight legionaire
4 hearthfire hobgoblin

16 others:
4 incinerate
4 tarfire
4 lightning helix
4 scourge of nobilis

So this deck focus on early game creature and then beat my opponent with my flying creature enchant with scourge of nobilis. But I usually lose to other aggro but bigger beatdown deck like elves and sometimes with control deck. I really hope you have some tips to improve this deck.



Hi Ron,
This is a pretty straight forward decklist, but I can suggest a few changes to help out. Firstly part of your deck wants to go aggro while the other part is focusing on the later game, in order to maximise your deck you should focus on
one or the other. I'll talk about card choices for both.
Secondly, I'd suggest adding at least two lands, mo
re for a control version, just for consistency. A very good card here would be Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion. While a number of your creatures already have doublestrike the Fortress gives a nice boost to those that don't.

M2010 has just been (pre)released (for better or worse we'll see) and adds a very nice burn spell in Lightning Bolt which, in this deck, is strictly better than tarfire. Elite Vanguard is also a nice early beater, of course we can't forget about Ball Lightning either.

Both Ajani's are worth a mention in this deck. The R/W version is basically a walking lightning helix that can also disrupt your opponent (better for the control version) while the mono-W version gives a nice boost to your team, especially those with doublestrike, (better for the aggro side).

Now I'm not sure about your budget, but Figure Of Destiny is a perfect fit for this deck either way, not only is it R/W for the scourge and the Liege but it also comes down early and can grow large, a great early and end game threat.

For the control side Pyroclasm is a card that will let you deal with early creatures-rushes, while path to exile or oblivion ring will let you deal with the bigger threats. Firemane Angel (possibly my favorite card), is also a nice fit here and is very hard for control to deal with if you get to 10 mana.

I think Hobgoblin Dragoon is the only nail that sticks out in this deck regardless of the direction you take it. Simply it doesn't pull it's wieght being a 1 power 3 cost card and there are better choices.
Hope I've helped, Good Luck



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