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BeJoSe's Deck Garage
Blade Deck
June 11, 2009

Deck Garage - Blades



3x Esper Stormblade

3x Grixis Grimblade

2x Jund Hackblade

1x Naya Hushblade

2x Marisi's Twinclaws

1x Rafiq of the Many

1x Sages of the Anima

4x Knight of New Alara



1x Martial Coup

2x Naturalize

3x Path to Exile



1x Glory of Warfare

2x Maelstrom Nexus

1x Mayael's Aria

3x Oblivion Ring

4x Trace of Abundance



1x Fieldmist Borderpost

1x Firewild Borderpost

1x Mistvien Borderpost

1x Veinfire Borderpost

1x Wildfield Borderpost



3x Seaside Citadel

7x Forest

6x Plains

3x Island

2x Swamp


My original idea was to use all the blades in one deck but that didn't work out to well.  I want to use Knight of New Alara to its full potential in this deck.  Thats why I included Twinclaws and all the blades.  I can't seem to pick and choose what I like in the deck.  I think this deck is not efficient running as 5 colors.  I want to try and cut it down to 4.  I don't know what I was thinking trying to add the Maelstrom Nexus in there.  If so I need help trying to cut the deck's color down to 4 or even 3 if possible.  I just really dont know where to start.  It would be nice to take out the Grixis Grimblades and Jund Hackblades to make the deck strictly bant colors but I'm afraid that I would be losing the deck's theme.  As you can see I am in a real jam.  The main idea of this deck is to really use Knight of New Alara.  I want to try and make this deck Type 2 tournament quality.  Please help me! Thanks

This can be a really powerful deck and indeed you've pointed out most of the decks problems.
Firstly, the deck is trying to be aggro but you got alot of other things going on, like the Aria, and yes the Nexus.
You mentioned you were thinking of going down to 3 colours; Bant, however I would suggest Naya. This (in my opinion) gives you access to the 3 most powerful blades.
So Changes
- The Traces, now that your running 3 colour you won't need them
- The off-colour borderposts
- Nexus and Aria. The Nexus, likes you said, is just weird in the deck and you should be hoping to kill your opponent before the Aria becomes relevant
-  Grixis and Esper blades
- Rafiq, this is the most painful cut to make, he is a very powerful card, but being only a singleton you won't draw him enough to be reliable. *Note: I am making the assumption that due to his $$ cost you don't have multiple copies, I don't either. However if you (or others) have the cash to get a playset Bant might be the way to due to his raw power (also gives you Bant Charm and Noble Hierach)
What to add
+ 4-of each Jund, Bant and Naya blade.
Getting 2 out will power each other up and make for quite the team.
+ I'd suggest a total of 5 on colour borderposts.
These let you have get a fully powered blade on turn 2, int he case of the Hackblade that means 3 points to the dome. Also since the border posts can pass as lands thanks to their alternate cost I think you can drop to 22 land, 21 possibly.
+ Swap the seasides for Jungle Shrines
+ Glory Of Warfare? I'm not sure you'll need it seeing as you've already got the Knight for serious pumping
+ Naya Charm, removal of a problem creature, bringing back a dead Knight or tapping down your opponent for an all-in strike? sounds good
+ Dauntless Escort, nice protection from sweep spells and you can play your Coup without destroying your own creatures. On that note i think 2 coup is a good number.
This deck had a really good idea and after testing out a list in Apprentice I have to say it can have some explosive starts with fairly often, and example of the best would be
T1: Firewild
T2: Hackblade (Opponent on 17)
T3: Hushblade (14)
T4: Knight (2)
T5: Charm (-12)
Hope the deck works out for you



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