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BeJoSe's Deck Garage
Old School Zombie
May 29, 2009

Hi, im marcus

i just made an old school zombie deck based around carrion feeder and grave pact to keep an opponents field wiped while i swing with big zombies

Creatures: 22

4x Carrion Feeder
4x Undead Warchief
4x Gutless Ghoul
4x Zombie Cannibal
4x Sengir Autocrat
2x Lord of the Undead

Enchantments: 4
4x Grave Pact

Instant/Sorcery: 15
4x Dark Ritual
4x Dash Hopes
4x Diabolic Edict
3x Chainer's Edict

Lands: 20
2x Phyrexian Tower
18x Swamps

This deck isnt type anything of to be played in tournaments, its just here to have some fun with my friends. The real problem with the deck is that it runs out of steam really fast, especially with persist cards. The deck is supposed to throw out a first turn drop of the Feeder or Cannibal, or a lord with a Dark Ritual, and then just make creatures and sack them with the Feeder or Gutless Ghoul while Grave Pact is out to keep their field clean while the Feeder keeps getting bigger and bigger with all the creatures he eats. The Sengir Autocrat is nice in the deck because he makes a lot of fodder that is easily sackable. The Chiefes and Lords just make my zombies bigger and the lord has a nice way of bringing things back. The Edicts provide nice cover early in the game when i need to keep their field small while building up my stratigy. The tower's are nice because they kill off creatures themselves and speed up the deck. Im thinking about taking out the Gutless Ghouls because it can be hard to keep the lands open for them to sack, and Im thinking about taking out the Dash Hopes because it really isnt a reliable card, especially when facing life gain. Im also thinking about adding Phyrexian Arenas to speed the deck up and turning a good amount of the swamps into black/white duel lands for the new card Necromancer's Covenant  to make a bunch of highly sackable tokens and all my zombies getting lifelink. I hope you can help. thanks

I've always been a fan of zombie so lets see what I can do to help.
I think you need to focus on either of your themes, On the one hand you've got token producing cards and cards to taken advantage of this. On the other hand youve got cards like two lords that pump up your creatures so you can swing with them.
Most of your spells are relatively cheap but I think that 20 lands is still a bit low. I'd suggest going up to 22 lands.
Now lets take a look at your creatures.

- Lord of the undead is a very powerful card and will most likely be the target of alot of removal spells, definitely a 4 of.
- Unless your opponent is using a graveyard theme Zombie Cannibal can be swapped for something with more power.
- Sengir Autocrat, I'm a little torn on this card, it does fit your theme it terms of giving your creatures to sacrifice, but if you want to go the more aggressive route then it can go.
- Gutless Ghoul/Carrion Fedder, again it depends on the route you want to take, you dont want to sacrifice the creatures your also attacking with.
- The warcheif is especially nice and can stay for sure.
And now your spells
- Dark ritual, this is a reason your running out of steam so early. While you might be getting out a creature early you used two cards to do it. Your idea of using Phyrexian arena is a very good idea. Graveborn Muse is also good, but alot riskier.
- Dash Hopes, you were right about this card, giving your opponent a choice is never a good thing. If they need to force through an important spell that they'll simply pay the 5 life and you be stuck with dealing with the actual threat.
- The edicts are both good but you might want to think about some mass removal for tokens are targeted removal for utility creatures. Tendrils of corruption is a nice way to go killing of creatures while giving you a decent amount of life.
- The pact can definatly stay, its a nice way to remove opponents creatures as your own die
Cards to think about
- Death Baron, another nice lord, giving your zombies the ability to get deal with much larger creatures.

- Volrath's Stronghold, a nice way to recur your creatures if you go either the attacking or sacrificial route.
- Corpse Connoisseur, alot of unearth creatures are zombies so you might want to consider some of these along with the connoisseur

- Fleshbag Marauder, basically an edict, but you can sacrifice a smaller creature to keep it around.
- Gloomdrifter for nice mass removal (The oracle wording for gloomdrifter is that it is a zombie)
- Korlash, Heir to Blackblade, nice beefy creature that can regenerate.
- Organ Grinder, nice finisher if your opponent has built up a creature wall that you can't get through
- Nantuko Husk, while it only gets a 1-turn boost it is bigger than carrion feeders
- Souless one, this can be very big in the late game
- Shepherd of Rot, so long as you've got most life than your opponent activate this a few times and the game will be yours
- Twisted Abomination, fetches lands if your short in the early game and is a nice big beater.
- Undead gladiator, cycles for new cards if you need them and can just keep coming back
If you do want to add another colour, black and red both have nice options, white gives you the convent as well as good effcient creatures like Putrid Warrior. Red offers other powerful cards like Rakdos Guildmage, Shambling remains or Pyre Zombie.
Hope I've helped, good luck


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