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BeJoSe's Deck Garage
Exalted Deck
February 16, 2009

Deck Garage - Exalted

 4 seaside citadel 
1 reflecting pool 

3 vivid meadow
5 plains
6 forest
6 island

1 Empyrial Angel
1 Twilight Shepherd

1 Primal Command
2 Battlegrace Angel

1 Rhox Charger
1 Elspeth, Knight Errant
4 Stoic Angel
1 Rafiq of the Many
2 Angel Benediction

1 Oracle of Nectars
2 Prison Term
2 Court Archers 
4 Rhox War Monk
4 Oblivion Ring
2 Jhessian Infiltrator
1 Hindering Light
2 Steward Of Valeron
4 Akrasan Squire 

Hey BeJoSe, how are you? I played this deck at states four weeks ago, 
here in PA and was wondering if you could figure out any way to improve it!
This deck placed me 57th in the States.
 I didn't have much of a strategy in this oth
er than Exalted is good and 

angels are cool.

 The angles of course are Stoic, Battlegrace, Empyrial, and the Twilight 
Shepherd; With the Stoic Angel, Stoic and Twilight Shepherd can attack 
without tapping, utilizing the Stoic Angel's ability which is nice, but 
then you don't get the Battlegrace Angel's exalted ability unless you 
stick with one attacker at a time, obviously. There are a few more 
exalted bonuses in this deck. Rafiq of the Many, for instance, gives 
double strike. Paired up with the Battlegrace Angel (and the Angelic
Benedictions) you get multiple lifelink as well as one hell of an attack.
 That was basically my entire plan for this deck.  
Hope you can help me out!, Thanks!

Seems like you've got a fairly solid deck here so I'll just suggest a few changes.

  • Angelic Benediction can be the first card to go, for its cost it simply isn't good enough, I would replace it with removal that permanently deals with a creature.
  • One of the standout Bant cards that your missing is Bant Charm. The versatility as well as the raw power is excellent and should be an auto 4-of in nearly all WGU decks.
  • Rafiq is another standout card that, if you can afford it, should be a 3-of. Again Rafiq provides alot of power for a small cost.
  • Oracle of Nectars doesn't really support the theme of your deck and really ties up your mana in the early to mid game when you want to playing other spells. For life gain I'd favour more primal commands. Similar to Charm they provide alot of versatility and raw power.
  • With a Bant deck, in general you want to be fairly aggressive, because of that the Court Archers could come out for 2 more Jhessian Infiltrator. Another card you might want to consider, maybe in the place of the Infiltrator is Shorecrasher Mimic. The mimic has been doing fairly well in extented bant aggro decks and theres no reason it cant work here. Imagine this (your on the draw), Turn 2: Mimic, Turn 3: Bant Charm removing a blocker and swinging for 5 Turn 4: Rafiq and swinging for 10, not a bad opening. While this is the best case scenario the mimic is still a powerful card if you have enough cards to trigger it.
  • Other than that the decks looks fairly solid, you've got the staples of a bant deck; Akrasan Squire, Rhox War Monk etc and some good support cards, Oblivion Ring and Primal Command for example.
  • Conflux offers some nice cards for Bant Decks that you could look into: Aven Squire for exatled + Evasion, Frontline Sage to help cycle through your deck, and the extremely powerful Noble Hierarch, Turn 3 Rhox War Monk swinging for 4? Swinging for 10 with Rafiq? Yes please.

Hope I've helped and good luck with the deck.


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