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BeJoSe's Deck Garage
Mill Deck
January 19, 2009



4X Mortivore
2X Terravore
2X Tarmogoyf
2X Szadek, Lord of Secrets
3X Ambassador Laquatus
3X Drowner Initiate
2X Oona, Queen of the Fae



Glimpse the Unthinkable
Nettlevine Blight (though I've been trying 4 Damnations instead)

3X Twincast
Jace Beleren

2X Gilded Lotus
3X Psychic Drain

4X Traumatize  



4X Underground Sea
2X Duskmantle, House of Shadow
4X Vivid Grove
4X Vivid Creek
4X Vivid Marsh
3X swamps

3X islands

any suggestions and help would be absolutely greatly appreciated


Thank you for all your great deck fixes and creations,



I've always been a fan of mill decks, lets see what I can do to help

Firstly I think you can cut green from the deck. At the moment its only supporting 4 cards for which you can find replacements. In addition this will let you run less CIPT (comes-into-play-tapped) lands. Running too many CIPT lands really hurts your tempo and as such you should keep the number to about 6 in most cases. While tarmogofy and terravore are good cards, they don't really contribute to what your deck is trying to do, mill your opponent.

  • I'd say definitely replace the nettlevine blights with damnation. In a deck like this you want to stall for as much time as you can in order to mill your opponent down. Firstly the nettlevine is simply too slow coming out on turn 6. Not only that your opponent will simply put it onto lands in most cases and continue attacking you. 
  • Gilded Lotus is a bit slow and you don't really have anything to accelerate into.
  • The problem with mill decks is that you often lack proper defenses. Luckily there are some cards that let you do both. Vedalken Entrancer and Belltower Sphinx both have quite toughness allowing you to block while still milling away cards.
  • Broken Ambitions lets you keep threats off the board, again while still milling away cards.
  • Mesmeric Orb can mill opponent very fast and for a cheap cost

Those cover your mill options, in terms of other cards for the deck I'd say run more creature destruction effects (terror etc) in order to protect yourself while you mill your opponent. Mortivore can function as a second route to victory (say your opponent has a Gaea's Blessing) so I'd say keep it.
Oona is a very good card, functioning again with both milling and defense.
Other than that you seem to have a fairly good idea of how to build a mill deck so good luck!



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