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BeJoSe's Deck Garage
Mono Red Burn
25, 2008

Mono Red Burn - salvador hernandez

24x mountains


creatures= 7
1x torpid moloch
1x magnivore
3x balduvian barbarians
2x jaya ballard, task mage

instant= 10
3x seething song
2x incinerate
1x lightning blast
1x reroute
1x dead/gone
1x shock
1x ghostfire

sorceries= 14
4x volcanic hammer
4x lava axe
3x mana geyser
2x blaze
1x pyrotechnics

other= 4

1x fatal attraction
1x angels trumpet
1x dragons claw
1x illuminated folio

the point of this deck is to use seething song and mana geyser to produce alot of mana for blaze, or play as many direct damage spells i have in my hand. any suggestions? (this deck is for casual game).

Burn Spell = Any spell that deals damage to creatures of players, preferably both.

  • You say you have two plans, 1 to generate lots of mana for blaze and 2 to play as many direct damage spells as you can. Path number 1 seems much better as a storm deck, but since it seems like your on a budget I'm going to go with path 2 and try to help you build a solid burn deck.
  • The first thing your going to want to do is improve your consistency, try to get more 3 and 4 of’s. This isn’t as important in a mono red burn deck where you can get a lot of redundancy with your spells but it is still a good habit to have. Next you can probably cut down your land count to 22, you’re not going to be playing many expensive spells and the lower land count means you can run more spells. The other thing I noticed was that you only have 59 cards in your deck, 60 is the minimum (For constructed anyway).
  • Speaking of lands you might want to add in some utility lands such as Stalking Stones and Keldon Megaliths. The stones allow you to beat for more damage later and the megalith lets you still deal damage on an empty hand.
  • Lava Axe can go, replace it with Beacon of Destruction which is strictly superior in nearly all cases, not only can it target a creature but it shuffles back into your library to be drawn again.
  • Incinerate is again strictly better than volcanic hammer, but I would probably run both over shock as they deal more damage.
  • Take out dragons claw, you don’t want to be gaining life in this deck, you want to burning your opponent.
  • Fatal Attraction can also go in favour of more burn spells. I say this because you want the ability to be able to burn your opponent as well assuming they have no creatures on the board, not only that but if the opposing creature has more than 2 toughness it takes a whole turn for that creature to die.
  • Arc-Slogger is a nice choice, although you do have to remove a lot of cards from your library it doesn’t matter if your opponent is dead.
  • A lot of people won’t agree with me here, but Browbeat is perfect choice for this deck. Normally I wouldn’t suggest it but in this decks case it is basically win-win, either your opponent takes 5 or you draw cards than could equal 5 or more damage.
  • For more card drawing, Howling Mine can work, I would definitely recommend it.
  • Jaya can turn your extra lands into burn spells so she can definitely stay
  • Lightning Blast, while expensive takes out 1/5th of your opponents life total so shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Magma Jet not only deals damage but lets you put extra lands on the bottom of your library
  • Keldon Marauders can sometimes sneak in for 5 damage in the early game, or 2 damage and take out an opposing creature.
  • Magus Of The Scroll lets you constantly burn your opponent or their creatures for 2 damage assuming you only have 1 card in hand (Not to hard to do). If you have access to the original cursed scroll that would be even better since its more resistant to removal.
  • Mogg Fanatic can come down early and beat for a few points before taking out an opposing creature or ping for one final point of damage.
  • If you find yourself playing with a lot of instants that cost 2 or less (Incinerate, Magma Jet, Shock etc) you may want to consider Isochron Scepter which allows you to get multiple uses out of your burn spells.


Sample Decklist

4x Arc-Slogger

4x Keldon Marauders

4x Mogg Fanatic

4x Magus Of The Scroll


4x Incinerate

4x Howling Mine

4x Browbeat

3x Beacon Of Destruction

3x Lightning Blast

3x Magma Jet


4x Stalking Stone

4x Keldon Megaliths

2x Fungal Reaches (If you can get enough counters on it, the reaches will allow you to play multiple spells per turn)

13x Mountains



You don’t have much of a late game so your priority is to finish the game as quickly as possible, that means throwing all the available burn spells you draw at your opponent.

The only time you should worry about their creatures are when they are blocking your own creatures or when they have a utility creature (Another Magus for example). You will win most damage races thanks to your burn spells.


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