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BeJoSe's Deck Garage
Bitter Infestation Combo
November 20, 2008

 Chris L - Bitter Infestation Combo  

Ok so the deck ive been building was a concept of breaking Bitter Ordeal to pieces. To be honest I really only play multiplayer formats, so some of the cards in the deck are geared towards that, even thought they aren't in numbers they all have potential.

the combo combines Flourishing Defences/Blowfly Infestation/ a single -1/-1 counter and Bitter Ordeal. Basically infinite token hit the grave, I RFG everybody's decks.

The drawback is most serious, although it can win without bitter ordeal, the combo itself is fairly fragile and slow. some mana acceleration and search such as transmute were most efficient but i fear that turn 7 or 8 is much too slow.

Deck List:


x4 Llanowar Elf

x4 Sakura-Tribe Elder
x4 Leaden Myr (good when black is scarce)
x4 Devoted Druid (Best Card for Deck Ever)
x2 Wickerbough Elder (Enchanment Destruct too the max)
x1 Grim Poppet (My Jar of Counters)
x1 Necroskitter (Awesome when combo fails)


x2 Flourishing Defences (Combo Peice)
x2 Blowfly Infestation (Combo Peice)
x2 Everlasting Torment (easy counters in multiplayer)
x1 Crumbling Ashes (Kinda a random multi-player card)


x1 Gnarled Effigy (Multplayer Effective, Mana Dump)


x3 Scar (Easy Counters)
x2 Gutteral Response (Counter Counter)


x2 Dimir Machinations (Transmutes: Bitter Ordeal, Blowfly
Infestation, Everlasting Torment, Necroskitter)
x2 Brainspoil (Transmutes: Flourishing Defences)
x2 Bitter Ordeal (Combo Peice)
x4 Might of Old Krosa (Removable / Buffs Devoted Druid for
super mana generrally for an early Defence play)


x1 Twilight Mire
x10 Forest
x8 Swamp

Total Cards: 62

If you can help me, I would hope for input on speed and
protection, ive though about Dark Rituals but with the myrs
black never seems to be a problem, Tutors arent my thing,
and i get stomped on by critter based and destruction based
decks. (by critter I mean fast creautres
Thanks in Advance,

Chris L
Interesting deck, lets see what I can do to help
Firstly, you say that your worried about the combo going off untill turn 7 or 8. I think an acceptable turn for this deck to go is turn 6, turn 5 is pretty easy to pull off as well.
Area's to look at 

  • Your running 16 mana accelerators, while these may help you get the combo off they don't actually contribute themselves and such are usless without the combo.
  • Speaking off the combo itself you only run 2 of the key pieces, if you want the combo to be reliable then you need a 4 of each
  • You have little in the way of creature defense and this is why your losing to creature-rush decks

What To Cut

  • Leaden Myr can go, 4 swamps/2 swamps 2 forests/3 twilight mire could possibly take its place, this gives you a more stable land count that ensure you'll be able to play all your spells
  • I find the crumbling ashes to be a bit of a average card, it only destroys 1 creature per turn and is likely to cause people to gang up on you in multiplayer simply to get rid of it.
  • The poppet, while a good card is simply to expensive here, you could devote more cards to the combo
  • Llanowar Elves, the tribe elder can stay because it blocks and still fetches you a land, the druid can stay because it helps your combo, but the elves is fairly useless here, if your looking for earl game defence their are better options
  • Gutteral Response, while the counter-counter can useful at times, most often its going to sit unused in your hand
  • Might Of Old Krosa, while it is a nice trick with the defences that doesnt really warrant it's inclusion in the deck

What To Add

  • Diabolic Tutor, lets you search out your combo pieces regardless of mana cost, these can easily replace the cost-specific tutors.
  • Essence Warden is an interesting card, it gives you a second option for the combo allowing you to gain infinite life (or rather a very large finite amount of life seeing as magic doesn't allow infinite)
  • Infest, acts as a nice cheap board sweeper for black and while clear the board of the creatures trying to rush you
  • Harmonize, digs down into the deck to let you search for combo pieces or the tutors.
  • Probably more Necroskitters as they are a very nice back up plan in case the combo does fail (not unlikely in multiplayer where someone is likely to be playing enchantment removal)
  • Carven Caryatid, again it draws deeper into you deck and provides you with a sizeable body for defence
I like the druid in this deck, it allows to ramp up to Flourishing Defences but also can trigger both blowfly infestation and the defences, a card well suited to the deck for sure.
Keep in mind that without the tribe-elder, the cost specific tutors and the caryatid i suggested this can easily be a standard legal deck, all of the cards are easily replaced.
I would have liked to make this fix a bit longer but it's getting VERY late so I'll leave it at that, hope I've helped



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