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BeJoSe's Deck Garage
Mono Green Beatdown
October 14, 2008

Story Ponvert – Mono G Beatdown


Hey, I have been playing magic for maybe 2 years but totally casual, just with some friends. I have a couple of deck  but this one is by far my best. I call it my stomp deck. I almost always win with it, and when i let my friend who was new to magic use it he beat me three times, and then we switched and i won. But lately i have been feeling like i could make it better, so im sending it in to you for a quick touch up.


1x Molimo, Maro sorcerer

1x Jedit Ojanen of Efrava

1x Baru, Fist of Krosa

1x Garruk Wildspeaker


2x Havenwood Wurm

1x Cloudthresher

2x Ancient Silverback

1x Rhox

1x Forgotten Ancient

4x Frostweb Spider

1x Fyndhorn Elder

2x Canopy Spider

3x Leaf Gilder

3x Boreal Druid


1x Overrun

2x Search for Tomorrow

4x Rampant Growth


3x Giant Growth


2x Blanchwood Armor

3x Beastmaster's Magemark

1x Aether Web


20x Forest


Strategy is pretty standard get out spiders and elves early game, spiders hold off enemies and elves and rampant growth/search for tomorrow get lots of mana. Hopefully you will get a big creature out on turn four or even 3 and then smash them. If they are still alive than anything of giant growth, blanchwood armor or overrun can finish them off.


Some cards you may be wondering about, like why no Llanowar Elves or something like that, but the answer is that i mainly made this deck out of of cards i had gotten together over a long period of time, mainly booster packs and theme decks, nothing really specific. When I found i had no llanowar elves i just put in Leaf Gilder instead. Actually it can make a nice start if you get lucky: turn one suspend search for tomorrow, turn 2 Leaf Gilder, Turn 3 search for tomorrow comes in and either a big creature or frostweb spider and boreal druid, after that your set as long as something big comes your way.




Mono-G, I’m actually building one myself right now but more mid-range. It looks like you’re going for a more aggressive approach.

First thing you’re going to want to do is up your land count to at least 22, this will ensure that you get the early lands you need to play out your creatures.

I’m going to suggest taking out the spiders.
A great offence is often the bet defense. The spiders don’t serve this purpose. You don’t want to be holding creatures back. If your bus beating your opponent done they won’t have time to counterattack, at least not effectively.

Briarhorn could definitely replace giant growth. For the basic pump it only costs 1 more mana, but if you’ve got the 4 mana available then you’ve suddenly got a surprise 6/6 blocker and a 3/3 that sticks around.

Rampant Growth can be replaced by Sakura Tribe Elder (STEVE). Steve is basically a rampant growth upgrade. Basically because it can attack and this makes it much more valuable for this type of deck.

Mercy Killing is nice kill spell for mono-green decks that can deal with utility creatures that your opponents will refuse to block with (Metallurgeon etc).

In this vein Quicksand is a nice way for mono-green to deal with creatures. Because your running mono green you probably want to look into running some utility lands like quicksand. Urza’s Factory is a nice late game option that lets you generate attackers.

Masked Admirers is an excellent card I’ve found, not only does it draw you cards it brings itself back later. Because you’re running Mono-G you want to look for ways to generate CA (card advantage wherever you can), Deadwood Treefolk is also a nice way to do this, returning 2 creatures for you. From Alara Gift Of The Gargantuan is a nice card, digging deeper into your deck for both land and creatures.

Garruk is an expensive but very nice option you might want to look into, it creatures more attackers, it accelerates you into your big attackers and also generates overrun effects.

I really like blanchwood amour because of its massive pump ability, although you might want to consider Moldervine cloak as it allows you to bring it back, and again this generates CA.

In terms of finishers, also long as their big, have trample and some form of built in protection (Shroud, Regeneration etc) then your good.


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