Beats and Potatoes

Deck submissions guidelines:




So, you want to take that deck of yours that needs a little help and turn it into a Havoc-Wreaking Freight Train? Well, you've come to the right place. I can't guarantee that I'll do a full rebuild with every deck, but I will try and provide some advice on every deck I see. Here I will outline some guidlines which don't HAVE to be followed, but would make the Havoc-Generating process go smoother.


Things to tell me:

1. Your Name-If someone gets mauled by your deck and I hear about it I'd like to know I had some part in it.

2.  Deck Name-Makes it easier to share ideas about the deck with others. Why would I do that? Umm, the webmaster wants me to?(Yes this is a hint that decks with creative names are more likely to get posted)

3. Deck's objective- What do you want the deck to do for you? Allow you to watch as your critters savagely beat someone? Give you that dirty combo deck feeling? Laugh maniacally as your opponent realizes your dastardly plan? Grin smugly when yout opponent went all out to kill you and you survived by a hair? Then tell me what you want. And I will try and help you get there.

4. Environment you expect to play in- What is everyone else playing? What's the "metagame"? Are there restrictions to what you can play?

5. What you have to work with- What kinda cards do you have? How long have you been playing? And how easily can you get new cards, both common and rare?

6. Umm, the deck-Yeah I HAVE to have a deck to work with.

7. Not really a guideline- If you do indeed Wreak Havoc with said deck we would like to hear about it. If you have fun with said deck we would like to hear about it.  If you mock my ineptitude at improving your deck, we DEFINITELY would like to hear about it.

8. Make it readable- Break the deck down into parts. At least creatures, spells, and lands. The easier to read the more attention to detail I pay. And attention to detail is required for good tuning.


Now that you've read the guidelines, send your deck to