G/W Type 2 Deck

This deck was sent in to me by, ummm, well no name was listed. *Frown*
If the person who sent this wants to provide me with their name I will get
Scott to edit it into this article.
Regardless this is a G/W Type 2 deck that was submitted to me:

4X Birds of Paradise
4X Llanowar Elves
4X Jade Leech

4X Blinding Angel
4X Armageddon
4X Parallax Wave (I had tariff in it but I didn't know which one should go)

*Multicolor Spells*
4X Noble Panther
4X Armadillo Cloak
4X Wax/ Wane

4X Brushland
4X Elfhame Palace
4X Rishadan Port
1X Kor Haven
5X Forests
6X Plains

Since the original deck submitted indicates access to good rares I will
cover the "optimal" available choices. I will also include suggestions for
a lower budget.

I have seen several of these decks in my email box and at the time wasn't
certain how to approach them. See G/W isn't horribly attractive in Type 2.
Fires is well, "A kick in the eye."* G/W when held side by side with Fires
just doesn't make me want to play G/W. Which means that there needs to be a
reason to play G/W instead of Fires.
So I looked online, looked through apprentice. I pondered about this much
more than I should, while at work. So, after searching I found a reason.
And I found it in this email. Blinding Angel. It is one of the most
dangerous creatures in the set. It can without any mana commitment win the
game. Why is this good? Well, one of the decks other important cards is
Armageddon. So I present T2 G/W post Planeshift:

"Somebody's Gonna Get a Punch in the Face"

4 Birds of Paradise
4 Llanowar Elves
4 River Boa
4 Blastoderm
4 Blinding Angel
2 Fleetfoot Panther
4 Eladamri's Call
4 Aura Mutation
4 Armageddon
2 Canopy Surge
4 Elfhame Palace
4 Brushland
10 forest
6 plains

A review of my card choices:

4 Birds of Paradise
4 Llanowar Elves

Essential to keep up with the pace of Type 2. Birds are played to assist
getting WW for Angel

4 River Boa
4 Blastoderm

Definitely 2 of the best 3 creatures green has to offer in Type 2.

4 Blinding Angel

Most of the feelings I have towards this card cannot be said on this
*Wiggles in seat controlling himself*
This card is the most important card in the deck.

2 Fleetfoot Panther

This deck doesn't really have removal, so is reliant upon the 12 creatures
that will plan on attacking. This guys helps protect them.

4 Eladamri's Call

Another reason to play G/W. This is a card to consistently allow you to get
one of the Attack Phase 12. Also at instant speed this card and Fleetfoot
Panther are a RUDE way to save your Angel.

4 Aura Mutation

So many good enchantments running around that swing games in their
controller's favor. This swings the game back in your favor.

4 Armageddon

Angel. 'Geddon. Sounds like a bad name for this deck....

2 Canopy Surge

Ahh, the card that if I didn't write a paragraph for would cause have lots
of people saying "You said in your submission guidelines I could mock you,
so here is a good reason." And since I realize that wide-spread mocking of
me isn't something I want to beget INTENTIONALLY...
I digress...
There are two things that can be really rough on this deck. Skies and
Blinding Angel. Blinding Angel is bad for the deck as the Defense for it is
Blinding Angel. And they will probably will have Parallax Wave. BTW, the
reason that card isn't present: There are no Disenchant targets in the
deck. So if they have Angels and Waves to our Angels and Calls, we probably
lose. So we include the surge to increase our odds. Also of note: this does
kill the decks very own birds. This isn't great. However the birds are
there to help get WW for Angel. If I have an Angel I don't need to cast
Surge. If I don't have angel then I'll let my birds die.
The use against Skies helps gain back some ground as you will likely not
kick it. But if you do that Troublesome Spirit is in the graveyard instead
of crushing your skull.

4 Elfhame Palace
4 Brushland
10 forest
6 plains

The mana mix is untested. If you play this deck test it first. This should
be about right but may need a little tweaking. 24 Land and 8 Mana critters
should be right for the amount of mana this deck needs. Rishidan Port and
Dustbowl were considered but were summarily sacced due to need for colored

Suggestions for playing this deck without the *counts number of Rares
listed* 24 Rares listed:
Without Angels the deck needs to be more aggressive. Geddon is a must play.
I'd probably go with Thornscape Familiars and other good P/T critters if
Rares are a problem.

I wish those who play this deck well. And hope they write us about it.
But moreover, have fun, and bash some face.

*I have a tendency to borrow phrases from people. So if I start using a
phrase you used online, thanks. I'm not giving it back so don't bother