Fishy Pain

This is a deck submitted by Dustin Conard. This is one of the slew of Type
2 requests I have received. Those that sent G/W decks, don't fret. I will
be posting something soon on those, I just need to tool around with it a
bit, as IMHO the archetype needs a little help to be successful in Type 2.
But, I digress...

Deck Name: Fishy Pain

objective: The objective is to get a few small creatures with a lord or
2 down on the board. Then you control the board with counterspells.

Environment: The people in my area usually play Fires, BlastoGeddon, White
Weenie or Millstone.

What do you have: I can get most rares easily.

ummmm, my Deck:

4 lord of atlantis
4 Vodalian Merchants
4 Vodalian Zombies
3 Rootwater Thiefs

>>Yes these guys are great. I would play 4 as they can single handedly
destroy U/W

2 Shoreline Raider

>>No Kavu commonly played I would cut one for a Jolting Merfolk as that
would add surprise factor

2 Seahunter

4 Counterspell
4 Undermine
3 Lobotomy

3 Spite/Malice
3 Fact or Fiction
>>Merfolk decks typically have the late game under control. Apply pressure,
counter the things that would wreck you. Spite/Malice and Fact or Fiction
are not cards I'd run in this deck. I would play 4 Withdraw and a Washout
as my creature control. Bounce gives you the time advantage you need to
break the game open in your favor. Also goes well with the Lobotomies.

10 Islands
6 Swamps
3 Salt Marsh
3 Underground River
2 Dust Bowl
>>Merfolk should have the game against control, especially with Lobotomy
available as a tool. The Dust Bowls then are useful against opposing Dust
Bowls and Rishidan Ports. If those cards showed problematic for my deck I
would rather run a Tsabo's Web main and keep a more consistent mana base.

So, the deck as presented has no potentially fatal flaws. It could use
improvements in creature control and a few spot changes. With the changes
the deck looks like this:

4 Lord of Atlantis
4 Vodalian Merchants
4 Vodalian Zombies
4 Rootwater Thiefs
1 Shoreline Raider
1 Jolting Merfolk
2 Seahunter

4 Counterspell
4 Undermine
3 Lobotomy
4 Withdraw
1 Washout(Or Tsabo's Web)

11 Islands
6 Swamps
4 Salt Marsh
3 Underground River

Hope this provides some useful improvements. I will be looking for my next
posted fix within the next 2 days. So keep the decks coming!