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BMoor's Magic The Gathering Deck Garage
Cascading Planeswalker Deck
May 13, 2010

I like to use planeswalkers. They are my favourite thing. I have been trying to make a strong deck that utilises as many of them as possible. If I can manage to stall my opponent for about four turns than the deck will roll.. And roll.. And roll

The deck has good mana ramp and a strong draw theme as you start dropping 2 and 3 planeswalkers per turn midgame. It can be easy to be mana screwed if you take the wrong draw.
See what you can come up with.. Try it out with a medium speed deck and see what happens

2x plains
2x mountains
2x swamps
2x islands
10x forests

2x Garruk Wildspeaker
1x Jace
1x Jace the Mind
1x Ajani
1x Ajani Vengeant
1x Chandra
1x Chandra Ablaze
1x Lilliana
1x Elspeth
1x Tezzeret
1x Nicol Bolas
1x Sorin Markov
1x Sarkhan Vol
1x Sarkhan the Mad
1x Gideon Jura

1x Emrakul the Aeons Torn
2x Kozilek the Butcher of Truth

4x Bloodbraid Elf
2x Kathari Remnant
4x Enlisted Worm

2x Time Warp
2x Naya Charm
1x Maelstrom Nexus
1x Pyromancer Ascension
4x Harrow
2x Trace of Abundance
2x Sylvan Bounty
1x Fieldmist Borderpost
1x Firewild Borderpost
1x Mistvein Borderpost
1x Veinfire Borderpost

I like your plan, but I don't like the way you've implemented it. Specifically, I wish you'd focused more on it.

Why are there Eldrazi in your deck? None of your planeswalkers have an ability to put creature cards into play, and you're not playing nearly enough mana ramp to expect to hit eleven or more mana in a game. And having Eldrazi in your deck doesn't advance your goal of "planeswalkers and cascade". The need to come out.

The same can be said for what appears to be your attempt to shoehorn a Time Warp/Naya Charm combo in here, and that singleton Pyromancer Ascension which I guarantee will never copy a single spell for you. Kathari Remnant and Bloodbraid Elf are a better try, but what can they cascade into? Mana ramp, Naya Charm, or Jace Beleren, and that's it. Emlisted Wurm is better at that job, hitting Chandra and Liliana, both Jaces, both Ajanis, both Sarkhans, Elspeth, Gideon, and Garruk.

Let's do a little house cleaning. Take out the Eldrazi, the cascade creatures (except Enlisted Wurm) and all your other non-planeswalker spells except for the mana ramp and Maelstrom Nexus. Sylvan Bounty is understandable, but I'd rather your basic landcycler be something that's a little more potent when hardcast. Fiery Fall is my preference.

That means you also need to adjust your balance of basic lands, so that you're likely to have some red when you need to landcycle. That's fine; you needed either red or white for Trace of Abundance anyway. You also need more lands, since we took out those Borderposts. More on that in a minute. Since you're five-color, Evolving Wilds/Terramorphic Expanse would be nice. And since you're eager to draw cards as well as fix mana, Prophetic Prism would be nice too. And speaking of two-drops that draw you a card, since you mentioned that you need to stall opponents until turn four or so, your deck is begging for Wall of Omens. Most decks don't muster a creature that can swing for four or more until turn four. And if they spend a removal spell to kill the Wall, you've gained card advantage in the long run.

You also want to add some more copies of Maelstrom Nexus. Playing a planeswalker and cascading into another planeswalker is one of the strongest plays I can imagine you making. You may need to pull a few 'walkers though. First on the chopping block is Tezzeret the Seeker. He really needs to be in an artifact-heavy deck to work. I appreciate that you added the Borderposts for his benefit, but even then all he does is untap certain lands, and maybe let a few of them swing for 5 once. His Fabricate ability will never be worth using, and quite often when you get him out you won't have Borderposts, which means you'll basically have paid 3UU for a Rampant Growth.

Chandra Ablaze is next to come out. Unlike her original Nalaar incarnation, she needs to be in a deck with lots of red cards-- ideally red instants and sorceries. In your deck, she'd only ever be good for pitching your hand and drawing three cards. In a deck that runs both flavors of Jace and Liliana, and gets extra cards through cascade, Ablaze's card draw is laughably bad. I'm also wondering why you have two copies of Garruk and one copy of everyone else on the roster. My sense of deckbuilding aesthetic says pull one copy, but I don't have any concrete reason why you'd need to. Unless you need more slots, which you might. With the Borderposts gone, 16 land is not nearly enough. You ought to have ~23 land, really.

And if you have room after all that, you ought to address the one common weakness of planeswalkers: creatures attacking them. My recommendation? Fog.

Good luck!





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