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BMoor's Magic The Gathering Deck Garage
R/U Cruel Dream Halls deck
May 1, 2010

Almost all the decks that I write articles about have one thing in common: there's something wrong with them. If there weren't, then either the owner wouldn't have asked me for help or I would have sent a private reply back without my audience seeing it.

Once in a blue moon, however, I get a decklist that isn't flawed enough for me to make major changes to, but is so interesting that I don't feel right denying my audience a chance to see it. Today we have such a deck. Without making any critique or comment on this deck, I simply present it for the consideration of my fellow deckbuilders.

Well, here is a deck that I've been working on and I think is fairly decent, although I'm sure there are thousands of different ways that I can make it better. It's a deck built off of dream halls, a rare from stronghold that has an interesting, and fun ability. It turns all cards into a force of will minus the life loss.

I'm not sure where to go with it from here however, and would appreciate any help that you can give. I'm a poor college student so I don't really have too much money to be spending on cards, but I will if it's really
necessary for it. Dream halls and pact of negation are fairly expensive as it is, but I feel they help the deck work for reasons I'll go into in a future. But first here's the list.

Creatures 10
4X Wall of Air
4X Wall of Earth
1X Progenitus
1X Child of Alara

Enchantments 4
4X Dream Halls

Sorceries 11
4X Cruel Ultimatum
4X Conflux
3X Divination

Instants 11
4X Lightning Bolt
4X Counterspell
3X Pact of Negation

Lands 24
15X Island
9X Mountain

So the basic premise of this deck is fairly easy, you try to stall out your opponent with your walls, counterspells, and lightning bolts. You make sure it's hard for them to play things, and when they do you blow them up with your bolts, or if they survive or you have no bolts, you just block them with your walls.

You do this until you get enough mana out to be able to play dream halls, and this is where the fun begins. you save your pacts until you get this little gem into your hand, and either a conflux or cruel. You play the dream halls, protecting it with the pact if you have to as the dream halls is the key to you winning, once it's out on the field, you either play the
cruel ultimatum, hoping to draw into either another cruel, or even better a conflux. If you have a conflux, you just discard a random card (such as a wall, or a bolt since you wont need them anymore) and then search for discard fodder (progenitus works well here for your G or W spell), another conflux, and your cruels. then you cast your cruels, drawing into more
discard fodder, and play conflux again. Wash, rinse, repeat. You deal 20 damage in one turn, which USUALLY wins you the game. The progenitus and
child are there in case this doesn't happen if they have lifegain (which my meta has lots of it around here, also Prog is a great discard fodder as it goes back into your library, ready to be searched again)

So yah, there's the basic premise of the deck, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


It's definitely an interesting premise, and great for the casual tables (I believe Dream Halls is banned in a few tournament formats). I can't really improve on it, since it's very tuned. The only card I could think to add is Electrolyze, a strong U/R control card.

I would also posit that once Dream Halls is live, perhaps you shouldn't be discarding Progenitus to cast an Ultimatum, but discarding something to cast Progenitus. You need four Ultimatums to win, but Progenitus can do it in two turns all on its own.

Good luck!



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