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Eye of the Dragon
October 08, 2007

You'll notice that this one is addressed to "Druid"?  Sean read my article where I mentioned a shortage of decks, and forwarded me about five or six.  So I should be good for a while.
The funny thing is, I once forwarded a batch of decks to him because he wasn't getting any sent to him.  The even funnier thing is, this one's Izzet, the first archetype I ever got sent so many of I got tired of fixing it (pre-Stuffy Doll).  The funniest thing is, Brett here mentions sending his deck to other garages.  He likely sent me this deck before, and I deleted it because it was Izzet.  But I'd say it's been long enough now.
Dear Druid
I recently came across a combo that is an insta-win in game that i like to call Eye of the Dragon. The deck itself combines red and blue and the main focus is on burn and Niv-Mizzet and Ophidian Eye<----- Main combo. I definatly want to keep the Niv's in it andi feel that the urza-tron burn combo has a lot of potential but i dont really know how to improve the deck. One of the issues i seem to have is with land i am always a bit short but i dont really know what to take out so that i can put some more in. I also dont really know if i should add more creatures or not, the list only says that i have 9 and this seems a bit few to me.  I am only a 1 year magic player and really enjoy this deck but I feel there is more to be done to it so here it is:
4 Izzet Signets
5 Islands
5 Mountains
3 Urza's Mine
3 Urza's Tower
3 Urza's Power Plant
3 Izzet Boilerworks
2 Niv Mizzets
2 Goblin Flectomancers
3 Wee Dragonauts
2 Pyroclasms
2 Repeals
2 Ophidian Eye
2 Invoke the Firemind
3 Compulsive Research
3 Mana Leaks
2 Shocks
2 Remands
3 Blazes
4 Electrolyzes
2 Rewinds
Side Deck:
4 Spell Snares
1 Compulsive Research
1 Mana Leak
1 Rewind
2 Shocks
2 Confiscates
4 Bomerangs
I am attempting to get 2 demonfires and a couple of double lands but they are expensive and my funds are short.
Thank you for your attention.
PS if you do end up doing an article about my deck could you please let me know it would be much appreciated.
PSS I know i have written to two other deck garages but I REALLY need help with my deck thanks for the attenion. again
Okay, Brett, let's get to work.  What's the first thing that comes to mind here?  You're using the Niv-Mizzet/'Phid Eye combo, but you only have two copies each of Niv and the Eye!  If your deck is built specifically to take advantage of a combo, you need four copies of each card in the combo.  I've said this many times, but people just don't want to listen it seems.
After settling that out, it looks like you're also using Gelectrode and Wee Dragonauts.  This is useful since your combo may not work-- people are probably going to be gunning for Niv once they see a 'Phid Eye.  So, to take advantage of the Dragonauts and Gelectrode, you'll need a good supply of cheap instants and sorceries.  And for a combo deck, card draw and counterspells are important.  So, let's drop the expensive ones-- Repeal, Invoke the Firemind, Blaze, Compulsive Research, and Rewind.  In their place, add more Mana Leak and Remand.  More Shock, too, if you can find room.  Or even try Needle Drop from Lorwyn.  It's not much damage, but with Gelectrode or a Dragonaut, it can be quite punishing.  Plus it's a cantrip.
Next, your mana base.  There's a reason I took out all your X spells, and it's not just so you can play multiple instants during your opponent's combat phase.  It's because the Urzatron is crippling you.
You see, folks, Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind has a mana cost with double red and double blue.  When card in your deck have double mana requirements of even one color, it's preferable that it be one of the main colors of your deck.  Triple mana requirements are deceptively difficult for all but monocolored decks.  Double mana requirements of two different colors, however?  Well, then you pretty much need to be running an even split of the two colors.  And colorless lands are practically not an option.
So, to ensure that you can play Niv-Mizzet as soon as you draw him, you need all your lands to produce either [R] or [U], if not both (or one of each, like Izzet Boilerworks).  So out goes the Urzatron.  In goes 4 Terramorphic Expanse to get you the right land at the right time, and Islands and Mountans can fill out the rest.  That should help more than you realize, now that the X spells are gone.  You should be able to play something almost every turn now.  If not, consider a one-mana blue cantrip, like Opt or Serum Visions.  Or my new favorite from Lorwyn, Ponder.  I expect to recommend Ponder a lot in the coming years.
Finally, my quirky Johnny card of the night: Jhoira of the Ghitu.  With her, you can just suspend Niv!  Or any other card you may want to.  Just imagine: you untap, then upkeep, Niv comes into play, you flash the 'Phid Eye on himm during your upkeep, and on your draw step you win!  Not bad, eh?
Well, that was kind of a short fix.  Probably because I've fixed a lot of Izzet decks.  Now that Ravnica's out of Standard, I suppose I won't get as many of them, but then I still get plenty of Mirrodin and Kamigawa, don't I?
Until next time,
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