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BMoor's Magic The Gathering Deck Garage
Samurai Storm

alrighty, im chris and i have a red/white samurai deck that will not be type 2 whenever the 3rd set of the ravnica block but im looking for a couple of tweaks to make this better. now, after kamigawa is out of cycle i will still use this deck for extended, ok here is the deck
6x mountain
13x plains
red spells
3x shock
3x vocanic hammer
white spells
4x call to glory
4x devouring light
3x bathe in light
red creatures
4x battle-mad ronin
white creatures
2x hand of honor
2x sensei golden-tail
2x bushi tenderfoot
2x konda's hatamoto
2x devoted retainer
2x eight-and-a-half-tails
2x nagao, bound by honor
2x boros signet
2x oathkeeper, takeno's diasho
2x konda's banner
4x leonin skyhunter
4x kami of ancient law
2x ethereal haze
2x reciprocate
3x samurai of the pale curtain
the strategy here is to get my samurai out and anything else that would help (burn with creature saving), was thinking putting in 2 iizuka the ruthless for some power house. budget is not an issue i just would like this deck to be something fierce for the rest of type 2 and extended. keep kicking ass
later and ty
Before I begin, I just want to say that Kamigawa block will still be Type 2 legal for a brief period after Dissension is released.  I don't think it rotates out until the first big set of the new block, Time Spiral, is released.
Having said that, it's off to work I go.  My first once-over of the deck shows me that your Red spells are only Shock, Volcanic Hammer, and Battle-Mad Ronin.  I dare say we should either cut Red altogether, or stengthen its prescence in the deck.  And I like the idea of cutting Red better; I have a Red/White Samurai deck too and it seems I constantly draw Plains and Red cards, or the other way around.  But my deck is a pretty even split between Red and White, while yours is essentially White with a hint of Red.  You can easily get rid of Red, and that'll help out your mana base.
Now, with Red gone, that gives you 12 slots (3 Shock, 3 Volcanic Hammer, 4 Battle-Mad Ronin, 2 Boros Signet) to work with.  To make up for losing the burn spells, add in 4 Faith's Fetters.  This is literally the best white removal spell in Standard, possibly ever.  Also, those three Samurai of the Pale Curtain should come in from the sideboard.  I know their ability isn't really useful except against reanimator decks and the like, but it's a 2/2 that often becomes a 3/3 for 2 mana.  And that's good.  Another worthwhile addition is Terashi's Grasp, which will help you against a myriad of troublesome cards, not the least of which would be Umezawa's Jitte.  Of course, if you can get a Jitte of your own, that's be just fine too.  You might also try Hold the Line, a card that works wonders with Call to Glory in surprising your opponent.  Granted that's a five-mana trick, but you need plenty of creatures to make it work anyway, so it's best used in the late game.  Of course, you can also try Righteousness, for less mana.
And I'm also on the fence about whether or not Bushi Tenderfoot belongs in that deck.  On the one hand, he's incredibly hard to flip.  On the other hand, if you make him a Samurai with Sensei Golden Tail and then Equip a Konda's Banner onto someone, he becomes a 3/3 bushido 1.  Nobody will ever block a Bushi Tenderfoot if the blocker will die and the Bushi won't, so at times he's almost like an unblockable creature.  And Eight-and-a-half-Tails can assure that the Bushi survives whatever blocks it, so maybe it's worth it.  Don't be afraid to replace the Bushi with two more Devoted Retainer, but I suppose as long as you enjoy the Bushi, and don't get your heart set too much on beating down with Kenzo the Hardhearted, then the Bushi isn't doing any harm in there.

Finally, your lands.  Obviously all the Mountains become Plains, and try to fit in an Eiganjo Castle in there too.  You've got plenty of legendaries worth protecting.
If your mana has any further problems, a few copies of Gift of Estates should do it.  I don't expect that to happen though.  Good luck!


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