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BMoor's Magic The Gathering Deck Garage
Dimir Deck

Hi, I've been collecting MAGIC cards since 2000, but it's last year that I actually decided to play, I've stuck to the idea of a B/U deck, since I love the concept behind the Dimir Guild and control decks have always seemed the coolest to me, so here is how my actual Dimir deck looks like, thanks for any help with this one!

BTW, I don't know if this helps, but I'm a 200% Jhonny...
Island x 9
Swamp x 7
Dimir Aqueduct x 2
Watery Grave x 2
Duskmantle, House of Shadow x 2
Szadek, Lord of Secrets x 2 (3UUBB)
Dimir Cutpurse x 4 (1UB)
Dimir Guildmage x 2 (B/U-B/U)

***Other Spells***
Glimpse the Unthinkable x 2 (UB)
Quash x 2 (2UU)
Followed Foosteps x 2 (3UU)
Dream Leash x 2 (3UU)
Induce Paranoia x 2 (2UU)
Dampen Thought x 2 (1U)
Psychic Drain x 4 (XUB)
Mana Leak x 2 (1U)
Boomerang x 2 (UU)
Diabolic Tutor x 2 (2BB)
Clutch of the Undercity x 2 (1UUB)
Hideous Laughter x 2 (2BB)
Telling Time x 2 (1U)
Sensei's Divining Top x 2 (1)
So, there it is, the main idea is to mill the opponent while controlling the board with removal, counterspell and controlling creatures/lands, what do you think?
Thanx again for your help!
José Hidalgo
Quito, Ecuador
Dedicated milling can be tricky to do, Jose, mostly because it doesn't really affect your opponent's gameplan up until the very last card.  It can be done, though, if you work hard enough at it.  Right now your main milling engines are Szadek, Duskmatle, Glimpse, Psychic Drain, and Dampen Thought.  You also have two copies of a lot of other cards in this deck, of varying purpose.  I know Dream Leash and Followed Footsteps can be fun, but they can also be very trcky to make work.  Induce Paranoia, while contributing to the milling theme, just costs too much for a counterspell.  The same goes for Quash-- you have to leave too much mana open on your opponents' turn for it to be useful; mana you could've spent to cast your own spells.  That doesn't mean that countermagic has no place in this deck, however; in fact, I recommend increasing Mana Leak to four copies.  The same for Glimpse the Unthinkable; the more milling power, the better.  You could probably use two more Diabolic Tutors as well.

As for your creatures, Dimir Cutpurse leaves me a bit.....wanting.  Drop them in favor of two more Dimir Guildmage and two Tidewater Minion.  Why Tidewater Minion instead of a creature with a milling ability, like Vedalken Entrancer?  Because Tidewater Minion can hold off opponents' attackers more effectively than Vedalken Entrancer, and it can untap Duskmantle for extra milling.  But mostly because you said you were a Johnny, and Johnnies love combos.  For this combo, you'll also need to drop something for Freed from the Real (probably Telling Time).  Here's how it works:

Play Freed from the Real on a Tidewater Minion.

Tap a Dimir Aquaduct for UB.
Tap Tidewater Minion to untap the Dimir Aquaduct.
Pay U to untap the Tidewater Minion, leaving B floating.
Now the Aquaduct and Minion are untapped again, but you gained a black mana in the process.  Keep doing this over and over until you have enough black mana for a lethal Psychic Drain.

I suggested that because I thought you'd enjoy it, but if that doesn't do anything for you, then instead of two Tidewater Minion and two Freed from the Real, just use four Vedalken Entrancers, or four Belltower Spinx.  Very few people will attack with an untapped Belltower Spinx on the other side of the board.  Or even two Vedalken Entrancer and two Belltower Spinx; they serve similar purposes.

Whichever way you choose to go with the deck, I wish you the best of luck in grinding away people's libraries.

~BMoor               bemore4096@yahoo.com

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