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BMoor's Magic The Gathering Deck Garage
Nephilim Deck

Wade Bates wrote:
I can’t remember when I first started playing magic but ever since I always wanted to build a 5 color deck that would actually be function with my friends if not in a tournament.  Here is what I have put together so far with the goal being to use the Nephilim as much as possible.  Any thoughts as to tuning the deck are invited:
Tolsimir Wolfblood (2)  4GW
Civic Wayfinder (3) 2G
Glint-Eye Nephilim (3) UBRG
Yore-Tiller Nephilim (3) WUBR
Ink-Treader Nephilim (2) RGWU
Dune-Brood Nephilim (4) BRGW
Witch-Maw Nephilim (3) GWUB
Gleancrawler (1) 3 B/G B/G B/G
Utopia Tree (4) 1G
Elvish Piper (1) 3G
Putrefy (3) 1BG
Mortify (3) 1WB
Privileged Position (2) 2 G/W G/W G/W
Debtor’s Knell (1) 4 W/B W/B W/B
Spectral Searchlight (2) 3
Fellwar Stone (1) 2
Island (3)
Swamp (5)
Mountain (1)
Forest (6)
Shivan Reef (1)
Yavimaya Coast (1)
Overgrown Tomb (1)
Plains (3)
Looks like you're already off to a great start.  You've got a good set of mana accelerators, and you've already recognized which Nephilim are worth running four of and which aren't.  I can already tell this is a fun deck to play with, though it may not win as often as you'd like.  The trouble is, between the 5 Nephilim and the mana base necessary to be able to play them, there isn't room for much else.  But I'll work with whatever wiggle room I can find.

First off, I think Civic Wayfinder here would be better off as Kodama's Reach.  The extra land is more important than the 2/2 dork.  But then again, Yore-TIller and Debtors' Knell can bring the Wayfinder back again and again, to search up more mana.  But if you already have Debtors' Knell or a Yore-Tiller (the nongreen one) out, you probably already have all five colors of mana.

And speaking of all five colors of mana, there's no color your opponent might play that you can't use.  Meaning that Fellwar Stone's lower mana cost makes it more useful to you than Spectral Searchlight.  Switch out the Searchlights for Fellwar Stones.

Next, I noticed that two Nephilim have an ability that triggers off of them dealing combat damage to a player, and a third ha an ability that triggers off attacking.  Meaning you're going to want your Nephilim to attack and deal damage often.  To aid in this, try to find some room for a few Minamo Sightbenders.  This is going to be trouble, since a) there isn't really anything in the deck worth removing for Sightbenders, and b) your deck relies mostly on White, Green, and Black, and this will be the first non-Nephilim spell that requires a different color of mana.  A Sightbender or two would probably be nice, but I just don't know what to squeeze out for it, unless you're willing to run one less copy of a Nephilim or two.

That should just about do it.  Five-color decks are by their nature tricky, but often they're worth it.  Have fun!

~BMoor                     bemore4096@yahoo.com

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