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BMoor's Magic The Gathering Deck Garage
Searing Meditation deck

Most Red/White decks that some out of Ravnica block use swarms of small efficient creatures to kill an opponent quickly.  But don't be fooled into thinking that all Boros decks have to work that way.  That's just not the case.  And the deck I'm fixing today proves it.

The point of my deck is trying to gain life while dealing damage
Firemane Angel 4x
Lightning Helix 4x
Wrath of God 4x
Pyroclasm 4x
Searing Meditation 4x
Ghostly Prison 4x
------------------- Auras :
                    Faith’s Fetters 4x
Sensei’s Divining Top 4x
Sacred Foundry 4x
Battlefield Forge 4x
Plains 10x
Mountain 10x
any side board would help.
Gaining life and dealing damage, eh, Kenneth?  Sounds good to me.  All the cards you have listed so far look great, but one thing jumps out at me: you have 28 lands for a 60-card deck.  You shouldn't need that many lands.  Undoubtedly you'll find yourself drawing too many lands and not enough spells.  Pull out 3 Plains and 3 Mountain, to go to 22 lands.  That ought to be enough.  Also, 4 Wraths and 4 Pyroclasms seems a little redundant.  Drop the Pyroclasms.  The Wraths are better.

-3 Plains
-3 Mountain
-4 Pyroclasm

With these extra slots, I think the first thing you should do is add 4 Terashi's Grasp.  Your deck has lots of ways to deal with creatures, but none for dealing with enchantments or artifacts.  The Grasps will take care of this and give you more opportunities to gain life in the process.

+4 Terashi's Grasp

The next card you should consider is two copies of Brightflame.  Brightflame is your deck's strategy, boiled down to one card.  I'd recommend four, but you've already got 4 Wrath and 4 Lightning Helix, plus Brightflame costs a lot of mana.

+2 Brightflame

And with the remaining four slots, try two each of Honden of Infinite Rage and Honden of Cleansing Fire.The red Honden deals damage, and the white Honden gains you life, which can trigger Searing Meditation and deal more damage.  This should greatly add to your ability to have far more life than your opponent.

+2 Honden of Infinite Rage
+2 Honden of Cleansing Fire

Good luck, and enjoy your games!
~BMoor                                                         bemore4096@yahoo.com


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