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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Daily Since November 2001!

Inkmoth Nexus
Image from Wizards.com

 Inkmoth Nexus
- Mirrodin Besieged

Reviewed Feb. 9, 2017

Constructed: 4.13
Casual: 3
Limited: 4.13
Multiplayer: 3
Commander [EDH]: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale:
1 - Horrible  3 - Average.  5 - Awesome

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David Fanany

Player since 1995

Inkmoth Nexus
This is a Phyrexianized version of Blinkmoth Nexus, from Darksteel, which was already popular in its day. It's not hard when you're as close to Mishra's Factory as had been printed in many years, and also counted as an artifact for the purposes of Cranial Plating, which you could carry over ground-based decks for massive damage. Now imagine a version of that, which ends the game in half as much damage. Yeah. The downside is that its extremely broad usability makes decks need to track poison counters when they ordinarily wouldn't have to, often alongside normal damage, but most tournament decks won't care about things like that.
Constructed: 4/5
Casual: 3/5
Limited: 4/5
Multiplayer: 3/5
EDH/Commander: 3/5
James H.

Inkmoth Nexus (2/9)


One of the keys to Infect and Affinity, Inkmoth Nexus plays a lot like its less-contaminated cousin, Blinkmoth Nexus. The difference, of course, is that it trades the buff ability of Blinkmoth for slapping poison counters on players. A 1/1 with flying and infect is very scary to face down, and it's possible for an early Inkmoth to punch its way to 10 poison before your opponents have a chance to respond. It's a land, which means it's flexible in when you can turn it into a creature, and being a land means it dodges the targeted discard spells and spells like Abrupt Decay.


Of course, Inkmoth Nexus is only a 1/1. It presents a long clock on its own, and it needs pump spells or support otherwise to efficiently do its job. But it does its job well in two decks, and it's a card you need to be prepared for.


Constructed: 4.25

Casual: 3

Limited: 4.25

Multiplayer: 3

Commander: 3.5

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