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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Daily Since November 2001!

Goblin Glory Chaser
Image from Wizards.com

Goblin Glory Chaser
- Origins

Reviewed Aug. 4, 2015

Constructed: 2.5
Casual: 2.5
Limited: 2.67
Multiplayer: 2.17
Commander [EDH]: 2.00 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale:
1 - Horrible  3 - Average.  5 - Awesome

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Card of the Day Reviews 

David Fanany

Player since 1995

Goblin Glory Chaser
I generally do get excited about new sets, but I doubt I'll ever be able to entirely go with the "durational" model of play where you change wholesale over time and set aside older cards. Every time I see the proud and elegant wizard portrayed on Qasali Pridemage, or a Bloodbraid Elf illustrated by Steve Argyle, I get an overwhelming urge to put them in a deck. And whenever I see a one-cost aggressive creature, I note how similar or different it is from Isamaru. He's often been imitated but never obsoleted, though Goblin Glory Chaser here is not too bad at that role, but needs to be played on the first turn even more than most one-drops. Birds of Paradise still does something on any turn, even if it's not explosive; Isamaru is always technically above the curve because math doesn't change. But while a first-turn Glory Chaser can easily end up charging straight past Gurmag Anglers with abandon, on the fifth turn he may find himself staring down dragons and completely lacking a path to become famous. 
Constructed: 3/5
Casual: 2/5
Limited: 2/5
Multiplayer: 2/5
EDH/Commander: 2/5

Michael "Maikeruu" Pierno Today's card of the day is Goblin Glory Chaser which is a one mana Red
1/1 with Renown 1 and gains Menace if Renowned.  This is a decent addition to a Goblin deck in Standard as a filler at the bottom of the mana curve, though with the number of options available in older formats this is less likely to see play.
In Limited this is a one mana 1/1 with useful abilities that should always be included when running Red in Sealed.  In Booster it is a third or fourth pick at best and probably shouldn't be drafted earlier barring an extremely weak pack.
Constructed: 2.5
Casual: 2.5
Limited: 3.0
Multiplayer: 2.5


Goblin Glory Chaser
A 1 drop 1/1 that turns into a menacing 2/2. pretty good in red, early game. but it's one of those cards gets worse with every turn. Vexing devil it ain't, but it's okay in limited.
Constructed: 2
Casual: 3
Limited: 3
Multiplayer: 2
EDH: 2

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