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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Daily Since November 2001!

Revoke Existence
Image from Wizards.com

 Revoke Existence
- Born of the Gods

Reviewed April 24, 2014

Constructed: 3.60
Casual: 3.33
Limited: 4.25
Multiplayer: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale:
1 - Horrible  3 - Average.  5 - Awesome

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Revoke Existence

A simple sideboard staple. Might be worth maindecking in Theros Limited, given how many creatures it removes (and it can save you from randomly losing a game you could've won if your opponent hadn't dropped a Theros God) but in any other format it's strictly sideboard. Cards like this need to exist, but they aren't exciting, and there isn't a lot to say about them.

Constructed- 3
Casual- 3
Limited- 3.5
Multiplayer- 3

David Fanany

Player since 1995

Revoke Existence
This was a really good card in Scars of Mirrodin, and also a really good card in Venser vs. Koth. It's a really good card yet again here in Born of the Gods. I remember people who literally cried when Disenchant was not included in the Eighth Edition, but now this is basically a complete upgrade - sorcery speed is not much of a tradeoff for making something gone where not even Hades can find it. I'm not sure why it's only been reprinted in sets full of obvious targets that can't be dealt with any other way, because that puts a lot of people off playing with a variety of cool cards, but mechanically it's an absolutely amazing card.
Constructed: 4/5
Casual: 4/5
Limited: 5/5
Multiplayer: 4/5
Michael "Maikeruu" Pierno

Today's card of the day is Revoke Existence which is a two mana White sorcery that exiles target artifact or enchantment.  This is a very powerful removal spell as it shares targets with the classic Disenchant, but exiles instead of destroys at the expense of not being an instant. 
The trade off is reasonable and the loss of speed should have minimal impact in most situations while exiling is almost always a benefit. 
This will be a popular sidedeck choice across formats and may see maindeck use depending on the metagame.
In Limited this is a clear choice for second or third pick in Booster after a White rare and well worth hate drafting in a weak pack or if it has remained past the first picks.  This is one of the best cards in the block as a low cost remove from game effect that is easily splashed and works on many targets thanks to the enchantment theme.  Any Sealed build should strongly consider working this in as it will have targets and can remove most of the format's biggest threats from the game.
Constructed: 3.5
Casual: 3.5
Limited: 4.5
Multiplayer: 3.5


Deck Garage

Revoke Existence

This is the right time to be playing cards like this. With Journey Into Nyx coming out soon, there are going to be more enchantments floating around than we've seen in a long time. Revoke Existence can get rid of any of them - even gods - never to return. The only downside is the sorcery speed, but most of the time that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Current standard format is where this is going to see the most play because of all the enchantment creatures. It's almost like a 2-mana Murder in white. It's not very exciting in casual, but is certainly an option if your friend is playing a lot of targets. The current limited environment makes this card a solid player as well for the same reason it's good in constructed. The sorcery speed hurts a little more in multiplayer.

Constructed: 4
Casual: 2
Limited: 4
Multiplayer: 2

Michael Sokolowski

Revoke Existence is both an easy and difficult card to review. It's easy because it's simply and straightforward. Is there an artifact or enchantment that's bothering you? Well for 2 mana, it's gone forever. Done and done. It's difficult because its usefulness depends entirely on the metagame, as well as your local playgroup. I mean, you'd have to wait for a block with a major heavy enchantment theme that drastically increases the number of enchantments out there OH WAIT.

So let's go over all the fine points, shall we? 2 mana casting cost. That's very good. Only one of them white. Splashable, as well as cheap. Sorcery. Boo. I suppose making it an instant would be a little too much to ask, as it would become strictly better than Naturalize, Disenchant, and pretty much every other enchantment/artifact destruction out there. And of course, exile instead of destroy. Beautiful. No graveyard shenanigans, no coming back somehow. When it's gone, it's gone.

How good, then, is it? Well it gives you answers for things that are hard to find answers for. The indestructible Gods. Bestowed enchantment creatures. Those fancy legendary enchantment artifacts. Plus I recall an entire block full of artifacts not too far into the past.

Being a sorcery is one thing that might give someone pause from including this in the most aggressive top-tier decks, where tempo is so important especially in the early game. But in limited, you'll want to run this. In casual, it depends on what your friends are running, but you likely know someone with annoying artifacts or enchantments you won't mind seeing disappear. Multiplayer only increases the chances of someone playing an artifact or enchantment you could target for removal, maybe making some allies as well as enemies in the process. It's really really good at what it does. The only danger is the slight chance your opponent might not be running many artifacts or enchantments.

But I don't think Xenagos with be reveling very much when he's told his right to exist has been revoked.

Constructed: 3.5
Casual: 3.5
Limited: 4.25
Multiplayer: 3.5

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