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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Daily Since November 2001!

Staff of Nin
Image from Wizards.com

Staff of Nin
- M2013

Reviewed September 18, 2012

Constructed: 2.70
Casual: 3.10
Limited: 3.80
Multiplayer: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Staff of Nin

Nin, the Pain Artist never appeared in an "official" set, but her mention here makes her canon, I suppose. Though given Magic's multiverse, it's hard to say what counts as canon and what doesn't. More importantly, this artifact is a one-sided Howling Mine and a colorless source of damage-- perfect for taking out both of the M13 exalted Knights. At six mana, it's pretty late to make a big impact, especially since one card per turn is a very slow, incremental advantage, and most creatures still alive on Turn Six have more than one toughness. But in a slow, controlling deck, this could be an asset towards maintaining your lead and ekeing out advantages where you can.

Constructed- 2.5
Casual- 4
Limited- 4
Multiplayer- 4.25

David Fanany

Player since 1995

Staff of Nin
I remember a time when paying life to draw cards was a "thing," so to speak. When you are, instead, in a time where a Phyrexian Arena variant not only doesn't cost you life, but in fact damages your opponent and her creatures and can go in any deck, things are . . . well, let's say "different." If there's a control deck in the new format (why am I saying "if"?), there's probably a place for this card in it. Try it with Voltaic Key!
Constructed: 3/5
Casual: 3/5
Limited: 4/5
Multiplayer: 3/5


Welcome back readers todays card of the day is Staff of Nin an interesting and powerful artifact. Allowing its controller card advantage is quite powerful and the ability to kill any X/1 creatures and also ping a player is an interesting ability. In standard and extended six drops need to have a more powerful effect on the board and this is kind of a slow way to gain advantage and make combat favor you as well as being a slow win condition. I don’t think having an expensive Rod of Ruin with card advantage stapled to it is powerful enough but fringe play I suppose. In legacy and vintage I think its too slow but decks could power it out quickly making its damage ability relevant perhaps in artifact decks. In casual and multiplayer is where this card shines, card draw for yourself is quite powerful and having a pinger makes others reassess combat trades and can serve as a win condition. In limited it’s a bomb drawing is amazing and the sheer amount of creature control it gives you is stunning. Overall a powerful casual and limited card with some constructed applications.
Constructed: 2.0
Casual: 2.5
Limited: 3.0
Multiplayer: 2.5

Michael "Maikeruu" Pierno

Today's card of the day is Staff of Nin which is a six mana artifact that has you draw a card at the beginning of your upkeep and taps to deal one damage to target creature or player.  While the cost is a bit too high to be really worthwhile in most Constructed formats, aside from Commander, it does have two useful effects in one card. At the very least that makes it a consideration for decks lacking draw power or light removal that also have mana acceleration.
In Limited this is easily played in any deck and the mana cost is not overly high for draw power and reusable removal that can also burn to break a stalemate.  A solid first pick in Booster that allows freedom on later packs and an automatic inclusion for Sealed as there is little drawback to having removal or burn plus a one-sided draw advantage.
Constructed: 3.0
Casual: 3.5
Limited: 4.5
Multiplayer: 3.0


      Welcome to another great card of the day review right here at Pojo.com! This time, we are looking at Staff of Nin from M13. Staff of Nin is a rare artifact that costs six generic mana. Staff of Nin says that you draw a card at the beginning of your upkeep. The Staff of Nin also has the ability to tap and deal one damage to target creature or player.
       I do like the Staff of Nin, but it is especially hard to get to utilize very well at a six mana drop. The card advantage is nice and dealing pinging damage is fun. I just don’t think it is a stand alone card.
Limited: 3/5
Constructed: 3/5
Casual: 3/5
Multiplayer: 2/5

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