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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Daily Since November 2001!

Faith's Reward
Image from Wizards.com

Faith's Reward
- M2013

Reviewed September 14, 2012

Constructed: 4.00
Casual: 4.13
Limited: 4.40
Multiplayer: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Faith's Reward

If you have the mana to pull off Day of Judgment and this in the same turn, that is a backbreaking blow. Even if you don't, you can "counter" just about any destroy effect your opponent hits you with, turn the other guy's board wipe into a blunder, and even set up some pretty gruesome combat phases knowing that your guys aren't staying down for long. And with White being the color of lots of creatures, you can surprise your opponent by gangblocking a big beast or two and then dropping this. Or if you want to get fancy, combo it with something like Claws of Gix or any other sacrifice ability to get double duty.

At four mana, it's fairly likely that your opponent will guess you have a combat trick, but the question is, will he guess the right one? That can make it tricky to set up the kinds of combat scenarios that this thrives on. But you can just as easily "undo" your opponents' combat tricks as well, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding a turn on which you want to play Faith's Reward... but can you leave the mana up for it?

Constructed- 3.5
Casual- 4
Limited- 4
Multiplayer- 3.5

David Fanany

Player since 1995

Faith's Reward
Any card that involves taking things out of your graveyard (or someone else's, for that matter) shouldn't be underestimated - things getting killed and staying in the graveyard is essentially one of the fundamental processes in Magic, and cards like Faith's Reward break it clean in half. The fact that it works on any kind of permanent makes it particularly desirable. Ever wanted to sacrifice four creatures to a Bloodthrone Vampire twice each, killing sixteen creatures with Grave Pact in the process, then attacking for seventeen damage? Now you can. Ever wanted to float four mana, sacrifice all your lands to put Greater Gargadon into play, then bring them all back and use Molten Disaster to kill everything except the Gargadon and one-shot your opponent? Go nuts. I can't even begin to imagine the kinds of craziness you can do with planeswalkers; I doubt many of them were designed with the ability to activate their ultimate and their +1 in the same turn in mind.
Constructed: 4/5
Casual: 4/5
Limited: 4/5
Multiplayer: 4/5
Michael "Maikeruu" Pierno

Today's card of the day is Faith's Reward which is a four mana White instant that returns to battlefield all permanent cards in your graveyard that were put there from the battlefield that turn.  This is obviously meant to be used after mass removal, which conveniently is often the same color as Faith's Reward, or less likely against an opponent's board clearing effect.  The single White mana in the cost opens up the opportunity for another color's effects and overall this is a card with a great deal of potential in the right design. The only downside is managing casting both the sweeper and this in the same turn while having enough in play worth returning, though creatures with Haste are a solid starting point.
In Limited this is more than likely going to be used after single target removal or a combat step where multiple or valuable creatures are lost. 
This is not a bad thing as the advantage could easily be enough to turn a close game into a victory.  The usage in the format is all about taking as many of the opponent's resources away as possible by making them think the trade off will be equal or even in their favor.  The games in a match after this is played will have a psychological impact whenever a card is in hand as the opponent will likely wonder if Faith's Reward is available.  The single White makes this splashable or easily used in a two color deck and barring a terrible White pool is an automatic include in Sealed and easy first pick in Booster.
In Multiplayer it is likely you have global removal, but even if you don't odds are at least one other player will.  Casting this after an effect like that will likely spell the end for at least one and probably several players which makes this an excellent choice in the format.  The main issue here is keeping four mana untapped to have it available after your turn, though the possibility of opponents planning a countermeasure for later games is a slight concern as well.
Constructed: 3.5
Casual: 3.5
Limited: 4.5
Multiplayer: 4.5


    Welcome back to the Pojo.com card of the day section. We wrap up this week looking at Faith's Reward from M13. Faith's Reward is a rare white instant that costs three generic and one white mana. Faith's Reward says return to the battlefield all permanents that were put into your graveyard from the battlefield this turn.

      Want to talk about a crazy good card? This is it. Your opponent swings, thinking they are backing you into a wall, taking out all of your creatures, maybe even your planeswalker, and some good artifacts and enchantments. Or worse, someone just cast Day of Judgment, or Akroma's Vengeance. Board is clear, things look bleak. And then, you cast the Faith's Reward. Your permanents come roaring back onto the battlefield. Primed and ready to go on your turn. They will be able to attack since they will be in play at the beginning of your upkeep. And worst, your opponent(s) will not be so lucky. If it was a board wipe scenario, then you have stuff, they don't. Simple response, game over. If it was an all out attack, meant to put your back up against the wall, it failed, and now you are primed with a counter attack that could end the game in your favor. Best part is as your old enchantments return to the battlefield, you get to choose new targets for them, but only if something survived. Otherwise you lose your Aura's for good. But that could be a small price to pay for victory!
Limited: 5/5
Constructed: 5/5
Casual: 5/5
Multiplayer: 5/5

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