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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Daily Since November 2001!

Image from Wizards.com

Dark Ascension

Reviewed March 2, 2012

Constructed: 3.50
Casual: 4.00
Limited: 3.75
Multiplayer: 3.15

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Card of the Day Reviews 

David Fanany

Player since 1995


This card's name would translate to "Always wolf" in German, which is both a description of what it does and yet another link to the Germanic mythology that modern fantasy is largely based on. (Surely it's just a matter of time before the actual Norse mythology block?) Immerwolf is in an odd position, being a "lord" that isn't strictly needed for its deck. Lots of werewolves are very strong in their night state anyway, and the big mythic Huntmaster of the Fells is probably ahead in the high-stakes constructed setting for its array of abilities. Still, there's definitely a role for this card to play, especially since it's interested in regular wolves as well: if you weren't scared enough of cards like Wolfbriar Elemental and Howl of the Night Pack, you will be now.
Constructed: 3/5
Casual: 4/5
Limited: 4/5
Multiplayer: 4/5


Here it is the werewolf lord allowing your werewolves to stay in their wild forms and granting a solid 2/2 intimidate body. Werewolves are currently not competitive in tournaments and my love for this card won’t change how useful this guy is in standard, extended, modern and even legacy werewolves are not catching on as a wholly tribal deck but rather one of two key cards are seeing minimal play. In casual and multiplayer if your interested in werewolves and wolves this is a  must and allows you to have the benefit of the powerful flip side of werewolves without being stuck with their sickly human forms, it also works well with wolf tokens which a lot of cards make making it an interesting choice as well as a powerful choice for werewolf decks around the kitchen table. In limited it’s a solid card if your in color and can snag a few werewolves maybe build around it. Overall a powerful card for werewolves but its power is so closely tied with them it can either be awesome or unplayable.
Constructed: 2.0
Casual: 3.0
Limited: 2.5
Multiplayer: 2.5

Michael "Maikeruu" Pierno

Today's card of the day is Immerwolf which is a three mana Red/Green 2/2 with Intimidate, gives +1/+1 to other wolf and werewolf creatures, and prevents non-human werewolves you control from transforming.  The two colors make Intimidate a bit less impressive, but it is still a useful ability and makes attacking with this lord more likely compared to many of the others.  Preventing transformation is generally beneficial as well to maintain an aggressive tempo, so this fits in well with most of the werewolf cards.  Overall this is a solid addition to a Red/Green werewolf deck, but held back a bit by requiring both colors and not being having the can't transform effect as optional.
For Limited most lords are weakened due to the nature of the format, but a three mana 2/2 with Intimidate really isn't bad.  Wolf and werewolf types are common enough in the colors that having some is likely and this being an uncommon offers a better chance of multiples in Sealed and not tying up a first pick in Booster.  Like any multicolor card it requiring at least a splash of the secondary color impacts deck design, but Green is usually easy to splash with and the potential for Red removal should make the combination appealing enough.
Constructed: 4.0
Casual: 4.0
Limited: 3.5
Multiplayer: 4.0


       Welcome to the Pojo.com card of the day. Today we are taking a look at Immerwolf from Dark Ascension. Immerwolf is an uncommon creature wolf that costs one generic, one red, and one green mana for a 2/2. Immerwolf gives all your wolf and werewolf creatures a +1/+1 pump, and says that non-human werewolves you control cannot transform. Immerwolf also has intimidate.

      Of the Captains printed in Dark Ascension, I think none turned heads more than Immerwolf. The fact that once you’ve flipped your Werewolves into their big bad wolf form, Immerwolf keeps them there, and pumps them for added effect. This means it doesn’t matter how many spells get played in one turn, your not seeing the human side of your creatures for as long as Immerwolf remains in play. This combos extremely nicely with the Mondronen Shaman/Tovolar’s Magehunter. Once the Shaman becomes the Magehunter, your opponents take 2 damage per spell played. Normally, they will either hurry and kill the Magehunter, or suffer through the 4 damage to flip it back. No more with the Immerwolf. Unless they handle it with a kill spell quickly, they are in for a decent amount of damage.
Limited: 5/5
Casual: 5/5
Constructed: 5/5
Multiplayer: 2/5

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