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Pojo's Magic The Gathering Card of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Molten Firebird
Planar Chaos

Reviewed January 23, 2007

Constructed: 2.64
Casual: 3.1
Limited: 3.48

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Card of the Day Reviews 

Jeff Zandi

 5 Time Pro Tour

Molten Firebird

Another blast from the past, the new all-red Ivory Gargoyle should be pretty popular in limited decks. In constructed, Molten Firebird seems less exciting, but this largely out-of-color evasive creature could be good in a blue/red constructed deck. Nah, probably too slow.



Molten Firebird

A 2/2 flier for 4R is nothing great. It can bring itself back from the graveyard, at the cost of you getting a card that turn, so it's almost like you "draw" the Firebird on your next turn, except it comes straight back into play so you don't need to pay its awfully steep mana cost. This can be useful; if your opponent can't find a way to stop this without killing it, then the alternative is to spend chump blocker after chump blocker stopping this thing. And that won't even lock you out of ever drawing again, since the Firebird has a "buyout" option that lets you just get rid of it safely and be done with it. It's pretty cute, has a lot of combo potential, and can get dangerous as an unkillable flier.

Constructed- 2.7
Casual- 4
Limited- 3.5

Jordan Kronick

Molten Firebird

It's Ivory Gargoyle! I loved that thing back in Alliances. Of course, I used it in white decks that liked to stall. This version is red, and red doesn't like to stall. However, it's an unkillable creature, and they bears examination. I think this will be a strong card for limited where the options for removing it are even smaller. But in constructed you just want a bigger red creature for 5 mana.

Constructed Rating - 2.0
Casual Rating - 2.5
Limited Rating - 2.9

KC MetroGnome

Molten Firebird

Ah the time of year when we all make fools of ourselves by pretending we know what cards will and won't find homes in the constructed decks that change the course of Magic history. Molten Firebird is a card I would take in Limited. It has evasion, it's really hard to knock off, and odds are it's at least as good as the card you would have drawn when it returns. In constructed it could be good. However, if your opponent has a recurring means of getting rid of it (which can occasionally happen) then you'd best be prepared to pay the 4R to eliminate it permanently so that you don't get locked out of the game. In fact, I think I'd leave this out of my constructed decks. In casual, this slides neatly into your Phoenix tribal deck....

Constructed - 3
Casual - 2+
Limited - 4


Molten Firebird

This time, a red Ivory Gargoyle. I have a hard time seeing where this will fit in, as it's too slow for the aggro decks (not to mention you don't usually want to skip your draw step there, and you may not have enough mana to use his ability) and there are better choices for the control decks. He is difficult to get off the board, but I just have a tough time seeing where he'll fit in.

In casual, if you like Ivory Gargoyle, here's a red one.

In limited, I'd play it if I were going red. Skipping your draw step can hurt, but he's hard to kill, and therefore helps you get a creature advantage.

Constructed - 2.5
Casual - 3
Limited - 3.5
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