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Pojo's Magic The Gathering Card of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Necrotic Sliver
Planar Chaos

Reviewed February 27, 2007

Constructed: 2.67
Casual: 3.67
Limited: 3.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Necrotic Sliver
A 2/2 Sliver for 1WB that lets each Sliver sacrifice itself to cast Desert Twister. Seems like a good card, right? Well, destroying permanents is always a plus, but here's the thing-- in order to do so, you have to sacrifice a Sliver. Seems like an even trade, right? A creature for any permanent on the board? Well, yes, but these are Slivers we're talking about. Slivers don't like to part with their brethren, they like to propagate unrestrained. But why not sacrifice them in response to your opponent trying to kill them? That works fine too, except that you have to pay 3 mana. That's a lot to leave open "just in case". So is this good? Yes, it allows Sliver decks to deal with Worship and other pesky artifacts and enchantments without having to maindeck a Disenchant or two. But that's about it.

Constructed- 2.8
Causal- 4
Limited- 3

KC MetroGnome

2/27 - Necrotic Sliver

Necrotic Sliver is excellent. If you can fit it in your limited deck, take it. It's an ogre already, and on the off chance that your opponent is running permanents that might try to win them the game, you can sac your ogre to get rid of said permanent. It just gets better if you've got other slivers to throw in (and the White and Black slivers aren't too shabby).

If a sliver deck shows up in constructed, this will be there. It might show up in some white/black decks anyway as removal on a stick, even if there are no other slivers to share his ability.

Constructed - 3+
Casual - 3+
Limited - 4


Tuesday - Necrotic Sliver

Vindicate on legs. Vindicate is cool, and this is a pretty nice sliver to have for the sliver deck, because it can take out anything. Unfortunately for that deck, it's not playable in constructed, and the price is a little steep anyway. If you really want a Vindicate in constructed, play Mangara of Corondor instead (and you can do a lot of cool tricks with him that you can't do with this guy).

In casual, a good fit for a sliver deck. It helps keep the board under control.

In limited, if I were W/B, I'd take it, but be careful about opposing slivers. The effect is very good, but the symmetry can bite you in the butt unless you pop it the turn you play it.

Constructed - 2
Casual - 4
Limited - 3


Necrotic Sliver

Vindicate is back, in creature form! Don't let it's ability fool you though as it doens't quite live up to the power sorcery of the Apocalypse as much as you may hope. First thing you can notice is that it is double the cost of the original vindicate (3 to play and 3 to use) and is attached to 2/2 body which makes it a little vulnerable if you don't have the mana aviable at the time of casting. These disadvantages can easily be played around though.

Limited: A very powerful card. Pinpoint removal of any permanent is blessing in any limited environment, especially in black where the ability to destroy artifacts and enchantments are way less (though that ability is in white).

The downsides to this (if playing in TS-TS-PC drafts now, or TS-PC-FS drafts

later) is that it is a multicolor spell. A multicolor spell that gets its greatest benefits from running a specific creature type. Not that you can't run it without other slivers, but Necrotic gets way better if you have some of Time Spirals cheaper slivers like sidewinder, basal or mindlash that may have outlived their usefulness and now want to destroy Dragon Legends or other fatter creatures.

Constructed: W/B has access to some pretty powerful removal already right now in the form of Mortify, Angel of Despair and Disenchant (and obviously Vindicate in extended) so I don't think Necrotic sliver will be needed in those archetypes so much. Also Type 2 isn't really filled with high quality slivers in white and black over lapping, though a build with Sinew, sidwinders and a black splash to make someform of W/b weenie sliver rush might appear, but I doubt it as long as Boros is the dominant white aggro deck.

Casual/Multiplayer: Casual gamers will like the ability to get an uncommon vindicate as it allows them to get more of them, and for a lot cheaper.

Slivers are always a fan favorite creature type, even more so around the kitchen table with a group of friends. And any slivers that actually have decent abilities are going to be well received. Removal isn't anything scarce in casual/multi games but removal that can also act as a blocker or attacker is much rarer. And Necrotic turns your sliver army into the Swiss Army Knife of answers to anything problematic (as long as it isn't indestructable).

All in all it's a strong card that can answer many threats, but attached to a 2/2 body that wants 3 mana always untapped makes it a bit less versitile than you might have hoped.

Limited 3/5

Constructed 2.5/5

Casual 4/5

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