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Pojo's Magic The Gathering Card of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Boggart Loggers

Reviewed October 24, 2007

Constructed: 1.40
Casual: 1.60
Limited: 2.70

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Boggart Loggers

It's basically green hate for black, Lorwynized. If your opponent is playing green, this can mess him up right proper. I don't think it's worth sideboard space in Constructed when there's cards like Deathmark in Standard, but in Limited, if you end up with one and are playing black, remember that this is there when you find a green mage.
Maindeck? Well. if you're already running lots of goblins in Limited, maybe.

Constructed- 1.5
Casual- 2
Limited- 2

David N

My eBay Store
Wednesday - Boggart Loggers

Now this card has been a bomb for me in limited. The effect at first read looks to be very bad but remember all changelings are also treefolk. So this card can become an easy 2 for one blocker.

Constructed: 2
Casual: 2
Limited: 4

David Fanany

Player since 1995

Boggart Loggers

Green creatures with forestwalk are very unusual, so that in itself all but guarantees Boggart Loggers will hold people's attention. Green is very strong in Lorwyn limited, and a lot of the time these guys are simply unblockable. I think the best thing Boggart Loggers does, though, is the ability to destroy Treefolk; that hits such difficult-to-handle creatures as Doran, Oakgnarl Warrior, Dauntless Dourbark, Cloudcrown Oak, Changeling Titan, and Cairn Wanderer. Very playable card in limited, probably not so much in constructed (unless your Goblin deck really needs to destroy Overgrown Tomb for some reason).

Constructed: 1/5
Casual: 2/5
Limited: 3/5

Boggart Loggers

Constructed: Black has been one of the 2nd string land destroyers for a while now (sometimes ahead, sometimes behind green) and Boggart Loggers shows of black flexing its muscles in flavorful creature and land kill. Flavor doesn’t make a great card though as this is far too narrow for standard purposes. Rain of Tears will do better to kill land, and there are much better creature kill alternatives. Doesn’t even warrant a sideboard plan as everything seems to cost 1 mana too much or be attached to a body that could have used an extra power or toughness.

Casual/Multi: Land Destruction on a one-for-one scale never works in multiplayer (unless your plan is to annoy one player) and a card this narrow isn’t even going to be able to deal with 4/5ths of the lands that you could end up against. Also only being able to destroy Treefolk is even more narrow (though can be offset with cards like Unnatural Selection for versatility).

Limited: This is a perfect sideboard card for black decks. Not only does it offer great evasive properties against forest packing opponents but it’s ability to hit lands and treefolk can offer the ability to hurt a struggling manabase working on a small green splash, or punish an opponent for using the fat Champion creatures like Changeling Hero and Titan. It’s potential as a maindeck card is a lot more limited though as most often your targets will be a few sparse changeling creatures that your opponent might not have even managed to draft. 6 mana to play and use though is not the best piece of removal compared to cards like Eyeblights Ending, Neck Snap, Crib Swap or Lash out.

Constructed: 1
Casual: 1
Limited: 2

#1 Magic Noob in Canada since 2002
Boggart Loggers

For Treefolk hate, it's pretty slow. The ability cost is rather expensive as well so it's hard to keep 3 mana always open to sacrifice when necessary during the opponent's turn.

In limited, it does have Forestwalk so it can come in handy.

Constructed: 1/5
Casual: 1/5
Limited: 2.5/5

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