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Pojo's Magic The Gathering Card of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Psionic Sliver
Time Spiral

Reviewed November 22, 2006

Constructed: 2.95
Casual: 3.3
Limited: 3.02

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Card of the Day Reviews 

Jeff Zandi

 5 Time Pro Tour

Psionic Sliver

This card seems like it would be good in Sliver decks, but it really isn't.
The first time I opened up one of these in a booster draft, I grabbed it. I very much liked the idea of turning all my Slivers into removal spells. With a little luck, you could even wind up with Slivers with large enough toughnesses to allow repeated use of Psionic Sliver's ability. Sounds good, but it really doesn't work out that well. Might Sliver is a five casting cost Sliver that makes the cut in limited, but Psionic Sliver really does not. Psionic Sliver is the wrong color for a five casting cost Sliver.

Blue/white decks ask for more from their five slot than this rare card delivers. I know it seems delicious, but Psionic Sliver is just not worth the effort. In constructed decks, Psionic Sliver's relatively high cost more than offsets its usefulness. There are a lot of other cards that would make the cut in a constructed Sliver deck before Psionic Sliver.



Psionic Sliver

Without a toughness-boosting Sliver, this basically turns all your Slivers into potential Shock Troops. And Shock Troops isn't the card they're homaging with this. It's powerful nonetheless, though, letting you clear the board when needed or finish off an opponent with direct damage. In limited, any removal is good removal, and Blue doesn't often get good removal. Well, it sure did this time.

Constructed: 4.9
Casual: 5
Limited: 4

Jordan Kronick

Psionic Sliver

Here's Slivery goodness. I'm not a huge fan of the creepy little buggers, but this one is excellent. I was a fan of Psionic Entity and this captures the flavor just perfectly. And the existence of Watcher Sliver and Might Sliver to make it work are icing on the cake. It seems to me that one of the strongest two color sliver combinations you can get is blue and white. Psionic is at the forefront of this strategy, turning all of your slivers into big shotguns. And if you dash in green for Fungus Sliver, things get even more ridiculous. When you open a blue card in Time Spiral that starts with Psionic, you should be happy even if the second word isn't "Blast".

Constructed Rating - 2.8
Casual Rating - 3.2
Limited Rating - 2.6

KC MetroGnome

Psionic Sliver

It just keeps getting better. I said before that my favorite of the new slivers is Gemhide, and I stand by that. But this one is aweful close. I've won a few games with a strong sliver attack, followed in the next turn by dropping a Psionic and shooting for the win. It lets blue dip into the Red part of the color pie to get a little reach at the end of a creature showdown. It's even better if you can pump your slivers toughness.

Constructed: 5 (in a sliver deck, obviously)
Casual: 5
Limited: with enough slivers, a 5

Gackley Ferguson

Psionic Sliver

...I don't know what to say about this one. Let's weigh the pros and cons...a 2/2 for 5? Con. You're dealing 2 damage to something else and 3 to the sliver? Con. I can only see this being useful if your slivers were being targeted for something, and even then the measly 2 damage isn't guaranteed to take it out. I'll pass on this one.

Constructed: 2.0/5
Casual: 2.0/5
Limited 2.0/5
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