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Pojo's Magic The Gathering Card of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Bond of Agony

Reviewed May 15, 2006

Constructed: 1.9
Casual: 2.0
Limited: 2.7

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Card of the Day Reviews 

Jordan Kronick

Bond of Agony

One of the things that red and black share is big damaging X-spells. Here's one of two offerings of that category from Dissension. This card obviously has a couple of problems. First of all is the high mana cost for a truly strong finisher. Second is the life cost. If you're behind on life, this card is not terribly useful. However, that doesn't mean all is lost. Bond of Agony was designed to take advantage of the aggressive tendencies of the Rakdos. The assumption is that you will be able to put enough pressure on your opponent in the opening turns that by the time they stabilize (if they do) you'll be able to take them out with a hit from this. I've personally used that plan to great effect in Ravnica block drafting, so it certainly can be done. This card is most effective when used against an opponent who has no ability to counter it or to burn you in response. Generally this means against Green or White. As they are the most defensive colors, this really comes to shine. Definitely consider boarding this into your deck in those situations. I wouldn't maindeck it unless I was fairly certain that it would come into play, though.

Constructed Rating - 1.9
Casual Rating - 2.0
Limited Rating - 2.7


Bond of Agony

Honestly, Black shouldn’t have to pay this much to make players lose life. I would expect a color so adept at forcing life loss wouldn’t need to pay X and X life to make other players lose X life. But on the other hand, it does hit ALL other players, making this a real solid card in multiplayer games or in Two-Headed Giant formats. Of course, you need to be ahead on life to use it effectively, and even then you can only force as much life loss as you have mana. I don’t see this replacing Consume Spirit anytime soon, but at least it might see some effective Limited play

Constructed- 2
Casual- 3.5
Limited- 3


Bond of Agony - Monday


I'm not sure what to think of this card.  If you were playing a Black/white deck with the focus on heavy lifegain, this could be very interesting.  But also, a super aggressive black weenie deck might be able to use this to get 3-6 points of finishing damage in.  I wouldn't expect to see a lot of these on the tournament scene any time soon, but it's a neat card nonetheless.


Constructed: 1.5

Casual: 2

Limited: 1.5


Bond of Agony

It's an "If I have more life than you, I win" card. Get your opponent low enough, and Bond can finish them off, barring them having a trick. If they counter it, that can get nasty...you lose life, and they don't. Kind of scary.

Constructed - 2
Casual - 2
Limited - 3
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