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Pojo's Magic The Gathering Card of the Day

          Image not yet revealed.        

Creature - Elemental - 3WU - Rare


W: Windreaver gains Vigilance
until end of turn.
W: Windreaver gets +0/+1 until
end of turn.
U: Switch Windreaver's Power and Toughness
until end of turn.
U: Return Windreaver to it's
owners hand.



Reviewed April 17, 2006

Constructed: 3.6
Casual: 4.1
Limited: 4.6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Card of the Day Reviews 

Jordan Kronick

Windreaver - The immediate comparisons between Windreaver and Morphling has been made. Obviously, it is an attempt to provide the ubiquitous blue-white control deck with a win condition. A lot of people are very excited. I am not one of them. I think the best thing about Morphling was the ability to make it untargetable. On Windreaver, that is replaced with the ability to bounce it back to your hand. When combined with the fact that if you want it to deal any appreciable amount of damage, it's going to (however briefly) have a 1 toughness, that means it's just going to be a target for small calibre removal. It's as much of a successor to Morphling as Razormane Masticore was to the original. A cute attempt, but simply not effective. It will, of course, be a huge limited bomb. There's no card I can think of picking over this if I was prepared to go into blue-white in Dissension, and it would be a strong pull in that direction for a sealed deck.

Constructed Rating - 2.8
Casual Rating - 3.3
Limited Rating - 4.0



Oh yeah, it's the new Morphling! It has built in flying, this time. And it may be a little more tricky to maneuver. Make sure you think it through before changing it's power/toughness before/after pumping it. Anyhow, it's cool to see that Wizards is adding a nice power flyer to the new set. Dissension should put an end to all the blah blahs about how the block is unbalanced...of COURSE it's unbalanced, you ninnies! It's missing almost 1/3 of the block. Duh ;). And HI Jeff...I hope your car repair goes well!

Constructed - 4.5
Casual - 5
Limited - 5



As I'm sure my fellow reviwers will point out, this card bears a lot of similarities to an old W/U deck classic, Morphling. Rather than bore you with a history lesson, I'll talk about how this card stacks up on its own. For 3WU, you get a 1/3 flier. That's a bit underwhelming. But if you've got the mana, you can give it vigilance, so it can attack and block. Then you can give it +0/+X, and then switch it's power and toughness for an X/1 flier on the attack, while still reverting back to a 1/3 for blocking. And if you really want to kill a blocker, you can switch it to a 3/1 , then make it a 3/X, then make it a X/3, etc. And then if all else fails, it can jump back to your hand. This takes lots of mana to do, however. When I first saw Windreaver, I realized that this was a sort of "nerfed" Morphling, giving older players the nostalgia without unleashing something that powerful again. Now I see that this is the anti-Morphling. It's just as powerful as Morphling (well, almost), but while Morphling encouraged a reactive strategy, waiting to tap mana until the last minute so you can always counter things, Windreaver is a more agressive creature, making you want to tap out on your turn to force through as much damage as possible. In limited it's easily the game winning card, and in constructed it's solid enough to warrant inclusion.

Constructed- 3.5
Casual- 4
Limited- 5
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