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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

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Mirrodin Rare

Reviewed September 16, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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I have the full Rare list posted on some eBay auctions. Click here to see the full list and click on each name to see the picture of each card.  The set is REALLY different, and will bring a huge change to the way we have to see the new Mox and Lotus!!!!!

Constructed: 1.5
Limited: 4


It's a bird... it's a plane!... no! it's MEGATOG!!  In the land of artifacts, he can be big, bad and ugly, all at the same time. Sac an artifact, and this guy can almost be impervious.  He's to costy for constructed play, but he can rule the board in this limited environment!

Constructed: 1.7
Limited: 3.5

Judge Bill

Atog's big brother. In a slow environment, and in an artifact heavy deck, this can spell doom for your opponent. It also has trample, which is the evasion this needs to break through. Unfortunately, it costs 6 mana. And it is far from a game breaking effect. So this will see little play in constructed.
In limited, this will probably see more play, though, as you could probably get through for the win. I'd play it, but not pick it before 3rd-4th pick.
Construced: 1.5
Limited: 3.25

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