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Chalice of the Void 
Mirrodin Rare

Reviewed October 03, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Chalice of the Void - The Meddling Mage of the artifact world (but better). While Meddling Mage only stopped one card (and then died to Shock), Chalice requires artifact removal to stop it, and it gets ANY spell with a specified casting cost. 

Play Chalice in a Nethervoid deck, cast one naming "1" and one naming "2".  Your opponent's spells cost 3 extra to're running land destruction. The smallest spell that can be played now costs 6. But since you are wrecking their mana, good luck to them.

In Type 1, you play out your hand turn 1, including your own Moxen, then cast Chalice for 0. Now you're opponent can't cast his own Moxen.  Looking bad for him.  One has to believe they will consider banning or restricting this card in Type 1.

In type 2, this is a wait and see card... probably useful in some combo if at all.

In limited, it has limited uses, so to speak. Unless your opponent is playing something you can't deal with, it's probably not coming in.  Even then, they could easily have artifact destruction to deal with it.

Constructed: 2.5   (Type 1 - 4.5)
Limited: 1.5
Current Price:

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Judge Bill

In type 2 or even Extended, it's quite balanced, with a good number of outs, and anything but 0 takes enough time to set up that it can be planned around. In Type 1, expect this to be put on the restricted list in January, if not sooner. The fast mana combined with the narrow focus of decks in type 1 means that you just need to know what your opponent is playing, and if you win the flip, you win the match, as setting this properly locks out 70+% of a given deck in type 1.
In limited, it's trash, as the decks are even less focused than type 2, or even block constructed. Don't draft it for anything but monetary value.
Constructed (overall): 3
Constructed (type 1): 5+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Limited: 1

 Van Zandt

Chalice of the Void
Maybe an anti goblin card,  or an anti chrome mox card.  Otherwise it's got
very restrictive uses (and is a touch pricey for anything other than what I
mentioned already),  and it's hard to consider it a maindeckable card
because of that.  Useful in limited only if someone is playing double
warhammer or oblivion stone, and you just can't cope otherwise.
limited 2
constructed 3.1

Danny Tatro

Chalice of the Void
    This card could one day have a use, but it seems to expensive to stop the card you need it to. Plus you can't really play it in any ol' deck, it'd have to be SB for a specific "whatever."
Constructed: 1.5
Limited: 1


Chalice of the Void is another card I'm not sure about. Potentially devestating to combo decks or any deck that revolves around one specific card or casting cost strata. Interesting in control and in the right environment but at least with me the jury is still out.

Constructed - I am still undecided about this card - 3.15?

Limited - Clearly less useful than in Constructed - 2.25?


Chalice of the Void
I don't have a cool quote to go with this card.  I haven't talked to anyone about it, and it doesn't spark any internet pop culture quotes.
I opened this in a draft held by friend with the box and a half he scored at the prerelease (Judging is good!  Judging is very good!)  It is so very interesting.  I am dying to use this card in a deck, I am just not sure what cards to compliment it with.  At best, it is a sideboard card.  I can see it being played for 2.  4 mana to make terror a dead card?  Sounds good.  4 mana to stop Shatter?  Bargain.  4 mana to prevent any Piledrivers driving your pile?  Good god that sound sick, but a deal nonetheless!  Everything worth talking about in the metagame is two mana.  With some form of mana acceleration, if you can get this out on turn 2 after playing first, you can stop goblins dead in their tracks.  Goblins are nothing without their tempo. 
I expect many of the top players in my local metagame to overlook this card at first.  At least until the pros discover it is a bomb in sideboards, and then all those net decking fools will be chasing after copies of the Void as if they had mox in their name!  Then again, I play lethal vapour decks, so what do I know?  hehe.
In limited, don't bother.  There are 312 different cards in Mirrodin.  You don't know what your opponent will be playing.  If they dominate in game one with a umber of 3 CC creatures, then you can consider boarding it in, but then they will just board in their artifact hate game 3.
Just a word to those who misread cards sometimes.  This works symmetrically.  It will counter your spells as well. Be careful.
Constructed rating: 2.5 for now (gonna keep my eye on it though)
Limited rating: 1 (Don't even bother)
"I really want to break this card" rating: almost Lethal Vapours

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