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Isochron Scepter 
Mirrodin Rare

Reviewed October 12, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Isochron Scepter - This thing is really good. We've seen it selling off our shelves like crazy. Name an amazing low cost instant, slip it under your scepter, and POOF... you have renewable instants!  Good times. Obviously, it's best in constructed where you can build around it. But it's also very usable if you have several decent instants in limited. Not as easy to do in sealed, but you can plan around it in draft.

Constructed: 4
Limited: 4
Current Price:

Judge Bill

The most popular uncommon in Mirrodin, and for good reason. The ability to copy Shocks, Boomerangs, Ancestral Recalls, or any other card repeatedly is the definition of card advantage. It will see play in lockdown decks mainly in type 2, but is worthy of a second look in any format.
In limited, copy your Shatters or Electrostatic Bolts. Those are the best 2 targets, and there isn't much depth in that pool. If I had a powerful card to run this, I might or might not, as the card might not even show up or be used by the time you get this.
Constructed: 4.75
Limited: 2.5

 Van Zandt

Isochron Scepter
At least they made it uncommon so we're not bleeding ourselves dry to get a
play set.  There's too much you can do with this card, chant/abeyance,
counterspell/memory lapse/boomerang,  even an incinerate under it is scary. 
You don't even have to build the deck around the card to consider including
it.  I'm pretty sure i'm going to get tired of seeing this card in play very
soon.  In limited, they did a good job of keeping a low cheap instant count
in mirrodin block so far,  but shatter, terror, electrostatic bolt, and
raise the alarm will all dominate a game anyways.
limited 3.5
constructed 3.8

Danny Tatro

Isochron Scepter
    This card is the talk of the town. Why is it always some random uncommon that breaks every format? Lightning Rift, Pyschatog... etc.
    Well I must say it has some potentially AMAZING uses. Counterspell, Orim's Chant, Avoid Fate. Ok so that last one isn't so good...or well known. ;)
    Still this card in constructed WILL see play somewhere somehow someway... even if it doesn't work people will attempt to use this.
    In limited this card is AMAZING still. It can easily be destroyed, but play smart and lure your opponent to waste their artifact destruction before you drop your nasty infinite anything. Or just go all-out and put something like Raise the Alarm, Electrostatic Blot, Shatter, or Predator's Strike. Just be aware how much artifact removal your opponent is playing, and how many ways you can abuse it. It can easily help in mounds to win a game!      
Constructed: 4.5-4.0
Limited: 4.5-4.0 
Either way its a bit situational... but STILL MAN!! =) 


Isochron Sceptre
I love this card.  I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it!!!! 
Holy day, Raise the Alarm, Shatter, Shrapnel Blast, Shock, Flash Counter, Mana leak, Terror, Smother, Boomerang...BRAIN FREEZE!
I have not yet made a mirrodin deck without a sceptre in it, and I have made 3 decks where sceptre is the focus.  My favourite one is the Freezing Sceptre.  Guys, with a brain freeze on a sceptre, it isnt uncommon for me to mill 9 cards a turn.  It's mcuh easier if I have other sceptres out, but yeah.  A second turn Sceptre witha  holy day is pretty mcuh game if there is no artifact removal in the deck.  If you holy day and freeze every turn, assuming they didnt play any spells, thats 6 cards for 2 mana.  BARGAIN!
Constructed, people will be playign this everywhere.  What I liek about it is it isnt that much card disadvantage.  You risk losing your instant, somethign you can use once, for a chance to use it unlimited times (assuming you have mana).  My thre favourite cards to imprint are Holy Day, Brain Freeze and Shrapnel blast.  If you can get a nuisance Machine going off with a shrapnel blast imprinted...your opponent is on a 3 turn clock.
Limited, it depends on what you open.  If you don't have any decent instants, just tuck it away and be glad you can make that deck you wanted to when you get home.
Constructed rating: 5 (Worried about shatter?  Imprint flash counter!)
Limited: 1 (if you have noting) or 3 (if you have something)
I love it I lvoe it I love it rating: Pretty darn high!


Isochron Specter
Brain Freeze
Ancestral Recall
Obsessive Search
lightning bolt
Mana Drain
Vampiric Tutor
Moment’s Peace
Diabolic Edict

Wow, what an amazing card. I'm usually a good spotter of broken cards and this is definitely one of them. Mind you, it probably won’t dominate the T2 format as it will in extended and T1 (as it will probably get restricted and banned) – imagine having an infinite counterspell, or how about infinite boomerangs for early lookdowns? A terminate every turn…that’s just wrong! Ancestral recall…*drolls, slaps himself, and wipes droll of the keyboard*.Talk about having the most broken play ever. I imagine mono blue players to be the ones to be singing the most praises to wotc for this card.

However, there is a half-empty glass perspective, an apparent card disadvantage that must be acknowledged. Let’s say you have an ancestral recall (which is restricted btw). You play this specter, you remove recall from your hand, and your stuck with one copy. Now if your opponenet was to naturalize specter, you’ve lost an essential card (recall) AND the specter which contributes to a ruined tempo.

However in T2 and block, this card will most likely be largely ignored unless they print more than a handful of <2 cc instants (unlikely). Plus there’s a certain card disadvantage for playing this card and there will be sure to be an overwhelming number of artifact hate in Mirrondin.

It could fit into Extended Psychatog. The deck has everything it would need: tutoring, Wishes, plenty of maindeck 2cc or less instants worth copying (Counterspell, AK, Brainstorm, Smother, even Memory Lapse if you want it). I think the idea would be worth playtesting, but I strongly suspect that this card is a "win more" card and thus won't see much tournament play in any format

It would also be quite a neat way for black to solve its artifact and enchantment woes by imprinting naturalize to this.

Could this be the card that breaks WotC’s color wheel? Very interesting, it’s like soul foundry for instants.

Constructed: 3.5
Type 1 and Extended (if not banned): 5.0

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