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Dream Halls 
Stronghold Rare

Reviewed November 14, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Dream Halls - Insanity via cardboard. It's been banned in Extended format, so casual is where you really want to consider this card where this card could be reaaaallllly, REALLY fun. No, I  mean REALLLLLY fun! Build a deck around its ability, and cast creatures and spells that would normally have an insanely prohibitive casting cost. How about stacking your deck with Last Stand and Cromat and other 5 color spells (Sliver Queen?) so you could cast ANY color spell!  How about casting Big Furry Monster just for discarding a card instead of paying 15? The potential is crazy good for having a ton of fun with this Enchantment. Some good cards you could use in this deck:

Great Spells to consider

Black - There is enough here to go just Blue Black for your deck:

  • Baron Sengir - Homelands

  • Spirit of the Night - MIrage

  • Infernal Spawn of Evil - Unglued

  • Big Furry Monster - Unglued (this guy is 99/99!!)

  • Avatar of Woe

  • Devouring Strossus - Invasion

  • Scion of Darkness - Legions

  • Reiver Demon - Mirrodin

Tutors to Go Get Your Dream Halls:

  • Vampiric Tutor - 6th Edition & Visions

  • Diabolic Tutor - Odyssey & 8th Edition

  • Demonic Tutor - Unlimited & Revised

Amazing Cards in Other Colors:

  • Avatar of Might - Prophecy

  • Verdant Force - Tempest

  • Vitalizing Wind - Prophecy

  • Krosan Colossus - Onslaught

  • Krosan Cloudscrapper - Legions

  • Decree of Savagery - Scourge

  • Avatar of Fury - Prophecy

  • Searing Wind - Prophecy

  • Crimson Hellkite - 7th Edition

  • Benthic Behemoth - 7th Edition

  • Polar Kraken - Ice Age

  • Reya Dawnbringer - Invasion

  • Akroma, Angel of Wrath - Legions

  • Avatar of Hope - Prophecy

5 color spells you can use to cast anything with:

  • Sliver Queen - Stronghold (you can cast it, too - awesome casual card!)

  • Last Stand - Apocalypse

  • Cromat - Apocalypse

  • Coalition Victory - Invasion

  • Atogatog - Odyssey

  • Karona - Scourge

  • Sliver Overlord - Scourge

The next 5 are 6/6 flying Dragon Legends from Invasion

  • Crosis, the Purger

  • Darigaaz, the Ignitor

  • Dromar, the Banisher

  • Rith, the Awakener

  • Treva, the Renewer

And I'm sure there is a ton more that you can think of.  ANY amazing card in any color qualifies, as Casting Cost doesn't matter with Dream Halls. 

If you'd like to see what some of the cards I named above do, you can look up their pictures on my site:

Click on Singles, then click on the set name. Then find the card name, listed alphabetically. Click on the picture icon to the left of the name, and it will bring up a picture of the card so you can read exactly what it is and what it does - and why it's amazing ;) in this deck.

Anyhow, seriously consider this card!  It will be one of the most fun decks you will ever play, guaranteed!

Casual Constructed: 5 (billion)
Limited: 3
Current Price:

Judge Bill
Mark Rosewater went over this card in his column on Monday, calling this a mistake. It is very much a mistake, as taking away having to pay the mana cost of a spell you want to play takes away a lot of the constraints on playing broken spells. Anyone want to pitch a Soul Wardem to play a Sliver Queen? Or a Llanowar Elf to play a Verdant Force? How about throwing away Eager Cadet to play Akroma?
Plays like that make it very easy to see why this card has been restricted in Type 1, and banned in all other formats it is legal in. Zvi once created a deck, back when this was Type 2 legal, that caused a rule to be instituted at Regionals that year - you had 5-10 minutes from when time was called to finish your game. If it wasn't finished, the game was over.
The deck Zvi created was a slllllloooooooooow deck, that relied on Paradigm Shift to recycle your graveyard, and Ancestral Memories and other large card draw mechanisms to find your Inspirations, which were used to make the opponent draw 2 cards at a time until he was decked. It sometimes took upward of 30 minutes for the deck to accomplish this.

 Van Zandt

Dream Halls
Free spells all around!  A bad card in any but an extreme combo deck.  But
it would be absurdly dangerous if it was still allowed in extended,  because
of those extreme combo decks.  Though five mana can be a bit more than you
want to pay,  monolith could still give an easy turn 2 or 3 win consistently
with this card.  Basically unplayable in limited.
constructed 3.3
limited 1.2

Danny Tatro

Dream Halls
    I remember when Inquest magazine rated this the worst card in the Stronghold set, because they said - qoute, "If you play this and chuck a green card to play your Verdant Force your opponent will just do the same." - end qoute.
    Like this card would EVER be seriously used to do that. This card is banned in every format and is restricted in T1 for a reason. Me and some friends built some "Type Fun" decks around this and some other cards. The Dream Halls deck was by far the most broken deck. Sometimes it could even win turn 1. Usually a turn 1 mana vault meant game over next turn. Force of Will was about the only card to stop this degenerate deck. It used lots of cards like Opportunity and Fact or Fiction to draw more cards than were used to draw them, therefore going through the whole deck and eventually discarded Searing Winds to kill our opponent. At that point countering would be useless since we'd have tons of free counters like Force of Will or Mana Drain, but usually countering Dream Halls was the only way to win.
If this card was ever legal, and or reprinted as is...
Constructed: 4
Limited: 1


Dream Halls
Why havent I heard of this card before?  This is anoter reason why I wish I played back in days of stronghold (the first because I want to be known as "that megrim boy", but 7th ed. egrims just arent as cool as Stronghld megrims).
Remove a suntail hawkin your hand from the game, play an eternal dragon.  Remove a twiddle from your hand from the game, play a..thing blue likes to play.  Remove a disarm in your hand from the game, play a moulder slug.  Remove a fade to memory from your hand from the game, play a reiver demon.  Remove a goblin lookout (WHY ARE YOU PLAYING WITH THESE??) from your hand from the game and play a...Warchief.  See, this card is good for every colour, 'cept red, which will empty thier damn goblin loving hand before they have a chance to play this card anyway...
And of course, you dont need to play creatures, its just my thinking is, you gotta remove somehting permanatly, so I want my thing to stick around permanently.
THe downside to this card is lose of card advantage.  But it pays of due to the speed you can get things out.  (Unlike *cough* CHROME MOX *cough*)
But in my book, any card that gets around using mana to cast spells is a-ok with me.
Constructed Rating - 5 (im sure htere is a way to somehow fully break this card)
Limited Rating - 3 (Mirrored effects, random decks, murphys law, this card will screw you more than them...but its so FUN!!!)
I like this card cause I got to mention Murphys Law while rating it rating - 10
Shylo Elliott There is a reason this card is restricted/banned. A deck can generate an immense amount of mana, play this, and then play stroke of genius to fill their hand, and then play out their kill. This card is less powerful in limited since you'll be discarding creatures most of the time to play other creatures.
Type 1: 3
Rath Limited: 1
Brian Dream Halls:
Amazing, Plain and simple. All spells now have: Alternate Casting Cost:
Discard a card from your hand of the same color. This card has unlimited
possibilities. It is banned in Extended, and Restricted in Type 1. With good
reason I might add.

Casual: 5
Constructed: 5

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