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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Rain of Daggers 
Portal 2

Reviewed November 12, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Rain of Daggers - A black Wrath of God that only applies to your opponent... but you take the penalties. While it's a decent idea and has potential, you do have to be mindful of you life total when you cast this.  Early in the game, or during a standoff, it's great... if you've been beaten half to death, not so good. Maybe play it with something that prevents loss of life in a casual deck.

Constructed: 2
Limited: 3.5


Judge Bill

This might be useful in Extended, against the Tinker Incubator deck.otherwise, I'll pass in constructed.
In limited, it might be useful if they have like 7+ creatures with one toughness. But this doesn't get played for a reason.
Constructed: 1.25

 Van Zandt
Rain of Daggers
better than plague wind just because it's cheaper,  but it's also a much
worse card in most situations than the black decree,  because it is still
too expensive and hurts you more in the beatdown match-ups.

Danny Tatro

Rain of Daggers
    This card is just another wrath, or is it? Personally this is one of the better wraths ever printed. Too bad its a portals 2 card. This is something mono black could definetly use. Not destroying your own creatures while blowing up all your opponents creatures at a cost of 6 is a powerhouse of an ability. The life loss really doesn't matter that much, since you'd be taking more damage just letting them stay around. Also playing this will let your one big monster like Grid Monitor or a flying Demon token through.
    In limited I would always take it first pick, and I would always play it if I could. I would really try to play it if I took it too. Depends on how late I get it, but still... 6 mana plague wind is insane in limited.
If it was reprinted in a future set as is...
Constructed: 4
Limited: 5


Rain of Daggers
"OMG" - me, just now when I saw what this card did.
Wow.  .... Wow.  Its  It kills THIER creatures, for only 2 more mana than a wrath.  The side effect, you gotta take 2 for every creature you destroyed this way.  Sign me up.  Unfortuelty, only n00bs get to taste teh yummyness of this card, cause (i think) I saw a portal symbol in the right middle.
Constructed, suicide black could run this.  Big cheap hurtful creatures everyturn until you can dagger away thier army and bash for the kill leaving you on miniscule amounts of life seem fun to me.
Limtied, yes.  Just yes...ok?  yes!
Constructed rating - 4 (white plays wrath, there is no excuse for black not to play this)
Limited rating - 5.1 (you play this if you have it.  You steal someone elses and play it if they have it.)
Better than Rain of Blades Rating - sure, why not?
Shylo Elliot I really really hate Portal cards. Portal cards are not legal in sanctioned tournament formats, so the only format this card is playable in is Casual Constructed and Portal Limited. Dare I say this format is filled with creatures. It'll kill all of your opponent's creatures, but are you willing or able to take the immense pain involved with playing the card? In Constructed you can go around this by some Black/White janky lifegain deck, but in Limited it'll cost you.
Casual Constructed: 3
Portal Limited: 2
Brian Rain of Daggers:

This is most definately a black mechanic. Destroying all their creatures,
then the loss of life. How good this card is, is determined by the
situation. If they have a bunch of 1/1 weenies, no way. With a few Exalted
Angels and Akroma, I wouldn't hesitate.

Casual: 3 (Situationaly Speaking)
Constructed: NA

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