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Liar's Pendulum 
Mirrodin Rare

Reviewed November 11, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Liar's Pendulum - "Woman, how much money did ya give to that monsta??" "Threeee-fitty". 

For that same $3.50, she could have bought herself this quality Mirrodin Rare. But alas, it was not to be. Now she has the Loche Ness Monsta after her.  So the moral of the story is, buy Magic cards and you won't have to deal with Nessy. =D

Anyhow, this is cheap artifact card draw. Kinda fun. More for casual, probably. Yep. I'm tired. I'm going to bed now. You know I still lub you all.

Casual Constructed: 3
Limited: 3.25
Current Price:


Judge Bill

I guess they wanted to do something like Cursed Scroll again, I don't know. Unfortunately, they should have stuck to damage. If they had, this might be playable. As it is, conditional card draw doesn't do much for me.
In limited, it's still conditional card draw, and you'll have a good way to see if they can remember things. I still wouldn't play this, though.
Constructed: 1.25
Limited: 1.75

 Van Zandt

Liar's Pendulum
I'm entertained by this card,  it's cheap and it has potential.  Assuming
you know what you're doing, you should be able to get a card slightly more
than half the time,  unless your opponent is literally just rolling a dice
for their yes or no answer (which is pretty much what they should do).  In
any case,  you'll end up spending an average of four mana per card, making
this similar to jayemdae in a lot of ways... except it's cheaper to play
initially,  but doesn't garauntee a card a turn like jayemdae does.  Not a
broken card by any means,  but entertaining, like i said.  and card
advantage regardless of how iffy.
constructed 2.5
limited 3.2

Danny Tatro

Liar's Pendulum
    In my first mirrodin draft I played this, and it was worth it. Its tricky to use, but the card advantage it provides is great. By the end of the day I was 12-5 with it(cards drawn-cards not drawn). One player just decided to flip a coin and guess each time, and he actually did the best against it. Theres a ton of ways to try to fool your opponent. Like having 2 cards in hand playing a forest for your turn and then calling forest with it. Do you have another forest? maybe your just messing with them, or maybe its double negative and you actually have it, because that would be so predictable... this card can play some fun mind games with your opponent. Another idea was at the beginning of your opponent's attack step using it and calling a removal spell like terror or irradiate and then when they say you have it, don't show them your hand and decline. Although this could be a bad thing if they still attack it could make them wary.
All in all a solid limited card. Its main benefits is that its real cheap to cast and activate. This card WILL draw you cards, and a good player will be able to draw more cards than not in the long run.
In constructed, long term card drawing in this form just isn't needed, fast enough, or reliable enough.
Constructed: 1.5
Limited: 3.5


Liar's Pendulum has the advantage of being one of the cheaper sources of card advantage. On the other hand it is 2 mana for a 50/50 shot at each card.

Constructed - Maybe look for other sources of card advantage but some deck designers will try to make this card work - 2.75

Limited - Maybe the unpredictibility of deck design makes this more powerful here, maybe not by much - 2.76


Liars Pendulum
"Wow, if decks get made around this card, it can get hosed by telepathy" - me after opening my first one.
Pretty cruddy card to open as your rare.  I have opened 4 personally.  *sigh*
I tinkered witht he idea of making a liars pendulum deck, but, I fail to see how a card like that can enhance a deck.  Upcoming sets would probably give this card some sort of tech.  I love the idea f this becoming a super huge deck though.  How cool would the flavour be if you could totally shut aan opponent down cause you could read his mind?
General rule - dont play this.
Constructed Rating - ? (This card is just silly.  I dont want to give it a bad rating, cause it isnt a bad card...just silly) (Says the boy who plays lethal vapours) (shut up you)
Limited rating - 1 (this I know you dont want to play in limited.  Dont wanna be using up mana resources, and you dont want to be showing your opponent what you got in store for him by revealing.)
Possible Affinity card Rating - 5 (its cheap, its an artifact, andit can refill your hand...kinda.) (although how scary would it be having one card in hand, and every time you draw, you name broodstar.  haha PSYCHE!)
Shylo Elliot This is one weird card. Its cost is cheap and so is its activated ability. However, during the course of the game you will be playing cards out of your hand, making the card less effective for you. In limited, you're not playing with archetypes, and you're playing plenty of one-ofs that make this card more random (and it will garner more cards for you) than in constructed. However, you don't have to reveal the card if you guess wrong, so you don't have to incur a disadvantage there.
Type 2: 2
Mirrodin Block Constructed: 2
Mirrodin Block Limited: 3
Brian Liar's Pendulum:

Wow, what a goofy card. This card seems like it would be fun to play between
friends who know each others deck well. Other then that, I cannot see this
seeing serious play at all. Seeing as many control decks need surprise and
this ruins it for them. Also, in many decks, there are alot of better things
to do with that 2 mana.

Casual: 2
Constructed: 1

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