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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Rasputin Dreamweaver 
Legends Rare

Reviewed November 10, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Rasputin Dreamweaver wins today's award for "Cards I've Never Heard of Before."  It would seem to be a decent card though, with some somewhat admirable abilities at its disposal. Prevent damage to itself, or store up some mana for use later. Nice.

Constructed: 3
Limited: 4
Current Price:


 Van Zandt

 Rasputin Dreamweaver
This guy was a bit more interesting when legends first came out, but now
he's, in most respects, quite inferior to some generic treefolk,  especially
since he doesn't have red in his casting cost, so he's not so great even for
a fireball deck.  Playable in limited...  if you're short on critters.
constructed 1.6
limited 2.2

Danny Tatro

Rasputin Dreamweaver
    This weeks theme is a bunch of cards with interesting abilties that haven't been repeated or reprinted simularly in another set. Some are good, and some just come out lacking in the end. We'll see which cards could still have some good potential if their mechanics were reprinted simularly in a future set.
This guy is a 6 mana 4/1 that can provide up to 7 mana, and gets one counter back every turn.
In limited you could use him as a hard to kill 4/1 since he can also prevent damage to himself. His uses today in T2 could be good, but hes WU which doesn't really put him into any combo catergories. All in all, hes a pretty cool card.
If reprinted as is in a future set...
Constructed: 3
Limited: 3.5 


Rasputin Dreamweaver
This is pretty snazzy.  Without mentioning that if it sees play, you get 1 extra mana (OOPS) i wanna say I like this card.  And not only cause I see it as blaze tech. :)
I can't see it being a real bomb or anything, but it's a very different card.  A nice big beatstick for blue decks, as he can quasi regen.  And last I heard, blue had no trouble untapping permanents. 
For all of you out there running legends drafts, this is a solid pick :P  Good for the creature stalling, as it helps you bring out more creatures faster, and it also hurts the math if your opponent attacks or blocks.
Constructed Rating - 2
Limited Rating - 4
Sick of having hard to read cards to rate rating - 10
Brian Rasputin Dreamweaver:

Interesting card. Off the bat, it pays for itself in colorless mana with the
counters. Being able to add 7 mana at any time is power. However it still
seems a bit overcosted (as the case for many Legend cards). However the
colors themselves are common, which is a plus. The prevent damage ability
really IMO, does not seem worth it to me. I would rather have the mana.

Casual: 3
Constructed: 1

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