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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Urza's Saga Common

Reviewed May 6, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Constructed: 3
Limited: 3
Current Price:


Exhume is a card that would do best with a deck built to use its ability, such as Reanimator decks. It would make little sense in other constructed decks unless you have some plan to mill a bunch of cards into your graveyard VERY early in the game and then use Exhume before your opponent has something significant in their grave also. But I suppose that's a sort of reanimator too, then (the bad version).

In limited, you can't build around it much, so it will probably only be useful half the time (the half that your best creature in the grave is better than your opponent's best creature in the grave). Since it's only useful half the time, that means it's NOT useful the other half. Hence, it has no place taking up space in your limited deck.

Constructed: 3
Limited: 1.5

Judge Bill

A key card in Reanimator, as it allows you to choose a creature in your graveyard without having to target it, in case of things like Ground Seal. Unfortunately, your opponent also gets to reanimate a creature, so this really isn't good outside of that deck.
And it sucks in limited most of the time, because you've just killed their best creature (hopefully).
Constructed: 2.5
Limited: 1.25


Exhume is another card that is only for the right decks. If you know your deck will have the biggest baddy (or have a big guy in the graveyard before you start killing the opponent's stuff) then this card is great. If you don't have some major fat in your deck your opponent might so leave this card at home.

Constructed - You can break this card here although there may be better choice to reanimate - 2.75

Limited - With lots of bodies only play this card if you have a real bomb in your deck to bring back - 2.45

PEZ - Not a lot has been done with reanimation decks but this card has real possibilities - 2.75



I still remember the old trick that was played by people back during 2000
Type II, where people would draw, discard a Woe, and then Exhume it either
through a Dark Ritual the next turn, or play 2 lands and do it turn 3.

Either way, this proves testament to Exhume's potential as a game breaking
card early in the game.

Late in the game, it is more than likely crap, because you get a bomb, but
so do they.  It depends on the bombs though.

In limited, it can recur dead creatures, but it depends on what the
creatures are, and what's in your opponents graveyard.

Constructed - 3.0/5.0 (Powerful earlier in the game than later.)
Limited - 2.7/5.0 (Recursion, but at what cost?)

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