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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Temporal Fissure 
Scourge Common

Reviewed May 22, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Temporal Fissure

Constructed: 1
Limited: 1.5


Temporal Fissure - Hmm.. I think you'd have to HAVE a temporal fissure to play this card.  While storm, in and of itself, seems like a nice idea, the reality is that as a Sorcery that costs 5 mana, it sucks. It's a dead card in Blue's hand until it can stash enough mana to play multiple spells PLUS this thing to make it worthwhile. What...9 mana? Yeah, right. Sorry, the game was over 4 turns ago, sweetie.

And almost as stupid in limited. When you draft, this thing will be one of the "here's the last card" passes.

Constructed: 1
Limited: 1.75

Judge Bill

Temporal Fissure
I can bounce 1+X permanents, where X is equal to the number of spells cast this turn, for 5 mana.
Oh, wait, _5_ mana? Never mind. In constructed, the game is pretty much over. In limited, you may bounce 1 or 2 things. No thanks.
(Oh, wait, they want me to review Storm now? Storm can be awfully broken, that's why they've either made their casting costs sky high or made the effect negligible. If only Scattershot could target players, we might have 1 constructed worthy card. Oh well....)
Constructed: 1
Limited: 1.75

 Van Zandt

Temporal Fissure
Storm = good.  On instants.  And occasionally on cheap sorceries. This spell
is neither of those, and doesn't gain you any cards.  You'd need a really
good reason to play this in limited, or a lot of 1 drops to power it up. 
Constructed isn't even a consideration.
limited 2.4
constructed 2.1


Temporal Fissure and the Storm cards present an interesting problem – you want to cast them after a bunch of other stuff has been cast. For most of them in fact, you need to have at least 2-3 cards played to even make them worth their casting cost. Still, opponent’s can always be counted on to cast some spells during their turn and a bunch of mana and a few cantrips can make for some huge effects.


Constructed – Huge potential for bounce but overcosted as a whole and really bad when you need that one early game bounce spell to avoid an early defeat – 1.95


Limited – With fewer instants being played the value of these cards drops and slow bounce is pretty weak – 1.65


PEZ – Little potential in the format for high cost fluff – 1.25

Scott Sager
Temporal Fissure
As with almost every Storm card printed, it's just too expensive to be really playable.  Until Odyssey rotates out I'll just pay one more blue and Upheaval.
Limited:  Even in Limited I still think it's too expensive for a Boomerang.
Constructed:  2
Limited:  2.5

Danny Tatro

Temporal Fissure

       Storm is a great ability when placed on the right card. Most cards in this set have storm, but will never live to see the day when storm does jack-diddly due to the extremely high casting cost, and sorcery like nature of these cards. Storm is a good ability gone to waste. The cycling effects in this set are WAYYYY better than any storm card.
Idea to R&D: To balance out storm abuse try to make something like Storm: 3, which means you can only make up to 3 copies... etc. And cheapen the cost of the cards themselves... ESPECIALLY the sorceries. Make more instants too.

       In constructed, this card won't see play without a combo of some kind.

       In limited, this card is just too expensive and a sorcery. The storm ability is only good on cheap cards that are instants.


Temporal Fissure

Temporal Fissure utilizes the new Storm ability, an ability that can have
potentially break the game with many of the cards its on.  The only qualm
with this card is that it is a sorcery.  Never mind the 4U casting cost,
never mind any of the draw backs of this card except for the fact that it's
a Sorcery.

Blue is suppose to play instants, get control the game, keep an opponent on
their toes all the way through their turn.  That's been largely removed
throughout Onslaught Block, and it has a lot of people upset.

Putting my anger aside, Temporal Fissure is still a good card for Blue to
have.  BLue has enough weenie spells that are playable to make this card a
rude awakening, especially late in the game.  It can clear an opponents side
of the board, and gives Blue the needed perminant removal that it has been
in desperate need of for Block.

In limited, it's a game breaker late in the game.  It punishes your opponent
for playing things on your turn, and clears the board of threats.  A first
pick, aside from a few very obvious other cards.  I don't think you splash
to play this card though, unless you are that desperate for removal.

Constructed - 3.5/5.0 (Maindeck or Sideboard, Blue plays 3 or 4 of them in
Block.  Blue has been jipped all throughout Onslaught Block, and it finnally
catches a break here.)
Limited - 4.3/5.0 (Can you say "Game breaker"???)

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