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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Scornful Egotist 
Sxource Common

Reviewed May 15, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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(insert expletive here)

At least it Morphs....

If this card sees any constructed play in any environment, I will SERIOUSLY consider self-castration with a rusty butter knife. :(

Constructed: 1
Limited: 1.5


uh... yeah. It's only purpose in life is to pretend it's a big guy by faking a big casting cost. In case you're wondering why a card would want to do that, there are several spells in the set that base things on your biggest casting costed permanent on the board. Check out some of the rares in the set for examples.

Well, even though this is a bad cards, I still have to say that generally, this is definitely the most eye-popping set I've seen released!! If you'd like to see the rest of the rares, you can check them out on my Scourge Rares  eBay page. Just click on any of the names, and it will give you either a written card description, or a picture of the card itself.  If you're into huge monstrous creatures, this set will thrill ya!

Constructed: 1
Limited: 2

Judge Bill

Scornful Egotist
What? an 8 casting cost 1/1? You're pathetic. (What?) I said you're pathetic.
Seriously, the only purpose this card serves is its 8 casting cost for things like Torrent of Fire. And it's not worth it. In any format.
Constructed: 1
Limited: 1


Scornful Egotist

While I see the method to the madness behind this card, I will bluntly say
that it is a sham of a card.  You would NEVER hard cast this card in any
fathom of your imagination, unless you were screwing around and didn't care.

Even with the Morph cost, though, it's still an overpriced card, purely
because it's a useless 1/1 that you can't even flip over (if you would even
flip it over at all) until turn 4.  That would make it the equivalent to a
4cc card.

However, the method to this card is to capitalize off of the surprise that
Morph gives.  Morph creatures scream "Target me!" or "Kill me!" because, in
constructed at least, they are things like Blistering Firecat, Voidmage
Prodigy (a rarity, but still it pops up), and Exalted Angel.  This card is
intended to throw off your opponent, and to make them waste some kind of
kill spell on killing this card instead of your  big guns.  This method
would work best in a control deck, though, seeing as how any deck that uses
Blistering Firecat is too fast to be doddling around with stuff like this.

In limited, here's how you approach this card - it's a 2/2 for three mana. 
That's it.  Unless your playing Wizards in your draft deck, there's no
reason to morph this creature.

Constructed - 1.5/5.0 (A joke of a creature that is flat out terrible, but
has a set reason for it that is clever and ingenious.)
Limited - 1.5/5.0 (Element of surprise isn't as good, but it's still a face
down 2/2 for three if needed.)

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