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Bladewing the Risen 
Sxource Rare

Reviewed May 16, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Simply put, it's a reanimator card.  It adds to the punch of the deck.  It's too expensive to hard cast for it's cost.  It'll come in for cheap or not at all.

In limited, it's a pumpable flier - a gimme to play with.

Constructed: 3
Limited: 4.5


Bladewing the Risen - As Bill says, it gives Reanimator 2 creatures for the price of one. Not bad. Otherwise, he is probably too expensive in constructed, though I'd bet you'll see him in block.

In limited, you play him if you have another dragon (not so unlikely). He's not as good otherwise if you don't have more Dragons, since he's a 4/4 for a color intensive 7 casting cost, though he is pumpable.'s 3 am while I write this, and I can't even see straight.

But I have to say, this is definitely the most eye-popping set I've seen released!! If you'd like to see the rest of the rares, you can check them out on my Scourge Rares  eBay page. Just click on any of the names, and it will give you either a written card description, or a picture of the card itself.  If you're into huge monstrous creatures, this set will thrill ya!

Constructed: 3
Limited: 4

Judge Bill

Bladewing the Risen
Reanimator gets a new toy. Now you can Buried Alive this, another dragon, and Anger, and have 2 hasty creatures for the price of one reanimation spell.
In other decks, it's ok, but it costs 7 mana, and it doesn't win you the game. Leave this to the Reanimator decks.
In limited, he's a flying 4/4 that pumps. If you can fit him in your deck, play him.
Constructed: 4.5 for Reanimator, 1.5 for everyone else
Limited: 5


Bladewing the Risen is a big old dragon built for Timmy. Universal pump is pretty huge but most dragons are costly – definitely where you want to play a recursion deck. “I will Exhume my Bladewing and put another Dragon into play as well”.


Constructed – An interesting card but built for a very narrow group of deck builds – 2.85


Limited – How much colored mana do you have and how many dragons? I would leave him alone except for the fact that evasion is nice – 2.10

 Van Zandt

Bladewing the Risen
Entertaining, but expensive.  Kind of a combo-y guy to buried
alive/reanimate though (if you're very enterprising, a sac effect such as
ashnod's altar and three of these guys can give you some infinite goodness),
and of course as a fatty flier he can win limited games, if you're playing
those colors.
constructed 2.5
limited 3.3
Scott Sager
Bladewing the Risen
A dragon based reanimator deck seems the best way to abuse this card.  It definitely has potential with all the dragons in Onslaught and 8th Edition.
Limited:  If you can bust a couple of dragons this can be insane.  By itself it is a 4/4 flying pumpable dragon, that should definitely put you opponent on a pretty short clock.
Constructed:  3.5
Limited:  4


Bladewing the Risen

Bladewing the Risen isn't a fantastic card.  You wouldn't really play a
dragon deck in the first place for anything, not to mention the only dragons
that even get played are ones that are incredibly broken, like Kilnmouth
Dragon and, going back to Invasion, Crosis and Dromar.

Bladewing is a heavy colored card, limiting you to black and red whether you
like it or not.  It's a 7cc for only a 4/4, which is exactly the same
problem that occurred with Vampiric Dragon in Odyssey (8cc for a 5/5 I

His boosting of Dragons essentially will only boost himself, since the term
"low casting cost" and the creature type "Dragon" don't go together in any
way.  It will be a rarity that your opponent will still be alive (or that
you will still be alive, actually) if you have more than one dragon on the
board for his pump ability to make a difference.

Yes, I am aware of his recursion aspect, which is one of this cards few
saving graces.  It doesn't get it significant play, but it can break games
when played right.

In limited, it can be a bomb.  Granted its recursion isn't going to do you
much, but it flies, and makes a statement by pumping as well.  A little
overcosted, though, for most decks.  Play it only of your playing black and
red, and is a passable card.

Constructed - 1.5/5.0 (Possible mean things can be done with the recursion
ability, but this card is not very good.)
Limited - 2.7/5.0 (Overcosted, but the ability to house someone is nothing
to scoff at.)

Danny Tatro

       Bladewing the Risen

       Another kiddie card, but it has some level of merits. No matter how small they are that is... It just costs too much. It does have some wanting to be reanimated, but there's better reanimator targets. This guy is your 99th version of Phage-likeness from Onslaught block, and "Rares with Special Titles". I'm starting to think they'll never print a legend thats actually playable. - I'd like to see a legend playable even in extended.

       In limited hes 7 mana for a 4/4 flyer in BR... hmm I don't see BR much, but since he pumps he could land up being lethal. Not the best- dare I say, "bomb" but he can do it for you if you have nothing better and need a win condition beyond normally winning. Although BR in draft doesn't come up often... risky color choice- watch out!

Constructed: 2 (For reanimation purposes, just like every other big creature you can't seriously play out there. =D   )
Limited: 2.5 (If your playing BR... good luck! It can be done!) 

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