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Karona, False God 
Legions Rare

Reviewed May 14, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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One of my advantages is that I get to see my fellow reviewers reviews before I actually write mine myself.  Today, I almost completely disagree with them.

Karona CAN win the game for you, it CAN resolve, and I think there IS a deck it goes into.  I apologize if I'm not going to divulge any tech at this juncture, but I'm certainly not writing off "Beer Girl" until I see her in action.  I have a few decks that I think she will play well in.  Just remember this:  You're playing Karona, and you're the one who knows what she does.  You are the one ready for her drawback, not your opponent.  Played right, this card is going to be the kill card for some decks that otherwise lacked one.  Again, not going into details, but let's just say I think she's very not bad.

In limited, not as good.  Very hard to get the 5 color requirement.  Don't get me wrong, she's an evil beatstick in limited, but I'm not sure you'll ever find a way to get her down in this environment.  If this were Invasion block, I'd give her a 4.  This is Onslaught, though, so she gets much lower.

Constructed: 4
Limited: 1.5


Um... I know Scott's opinion of Karona, since he's made it clear to me since we first saw the spoiler on it.  You know, I can't argue with the fact that he's qualified for Nationals and I'm not .  Though I have to admit that if anyone can find a way to play a 5 color card, it's my husband. But I'm still going to have to say that I think Karona just isn't any good (Sorry, sweetie).  I can think of better ways to give your creatures an Overrun effect, and at best, not limiting them to only "one creature type," and ones that definitely don't get snatched by your opponent the next turn.  Plus, Chica here uses 5 colors.  Not exactly efficient. I just don't see it happening.  Maybe something funky in block, but I doubt it. She just stinks. Maybe they spelled her name wrong, and meant it to be Corona, representing the kegs of beer you'd have to drink in order to have the state of mind (read: ineptitude) to play her.  The best use I can think of for her is for an auction that I run on eBay called: "Fat Fat Fatties!!" All the creatures have at least a power of 5.  This will make a great Gold addition to that set.

Limited totally excludes this card as there is no way to play 5 colors and have a viable deck. Forget it. If you are so horribly unlucky to open this gal in your sealed, I pity you. Hopefully your other rares will make up for this travesty of injustice.

Constructed: 1.2
Limited: 1

Judge Bill

Karona, False God
One of 2 cards that have all 5 colors in their mana cost in this set. This is the 5 color legend that sucks in this set. For the cost of putting something is you deck so that you can produce all 5 colors of mana, you either get an 8/8, or a 5/5 that pumps you attacking army. Did I mention it costs 6? It does win the game ... if it resolves. Wait until November, and it might actually resolve quite often. Until then, it's crap.
In limited, you have to be able to produce all 5 colors to play this. This isn't Invasion block, sorry, and there's no Crystal Quarry in this block, either.
Constructed: 1 (Goes higher in November, mostly dependant on whether Counterspell is in 8th)
Limited: 1


Karona, False God just doesn’t tickle me. All 5 colors for a 5/5 without any evasion or Trample. Then again, we don’t care about Karona, we care about the +3/+3 for a specific creature type. There are lots of ways to get around Karona’s disadvantage but I think you would want to win the turn you drop it. The only problem I see is that 5 color decks rarely have a unifying creature theme.


Constructed – Here is your best chance to build a deck that will win the turn you play Karona or be able to deal with Karona’s disadvantage if you can’t – 2.45


Limited – Bad news because you will have a hard time focusing on a specific creature type and there are few ways to control the drawback of this card – 1.85

 Van Zandt

Karona, False God
Hi, I don't trample, I don't give my friends trample,  I switch controllers,
and I'm very expensive with very difficult mana requirements, which makes me
unplayable in limited and not worth playing in constructed.  "Splashing" for
overrun is a better idea than playing me.
limited 1.3
constructed 1.5
Scott Sager
Karona, False God
Keep it away from me!


Karona, Beer G.  I mean, False God

Karona, False God.. When I first read the name of this card, the first thing
that popped into my head was a bottle of Corona for the image simply sitting
there, with a gray background, and a light from the left side making the
bottle cast a shadow.

Unfortunately, the card named after an alcoholic beverage is a terrible
card.  First of all, it costs all five colors in an almost completely two
color Type II format.

Strike One.

Each player gains control of it during his or her upkeep, meaning they can
use it against you fast.  Haste doesn't exactly help you here either.

Strike Two.

It gives creature types a huge boost, and while you can do it as well, it
isn't exactly a benefit if your opponent can do that also.

Strike three, she's out!

In limited, she costs all five colors, and helps your opponent also.  She's
a detriment, even if you could play her in your deck.  This thing has the
same problems that all 5-colored creatures have had in the past - too much
mana to play, and too many different types.

Then, break her down into all the other fun formats.  She is a bad Mental
Magic card, a bad multiplayer card, even in Emperor.  5-Color scoffs at
cards like this.

Danny Tatro and I were running through all the possible formats and if the
Beer God can be used in it, and it was literally concluded that she is
useless in ALL formats.  I think we have a new card to take the title of
worst card ever printed!

Constructed - 1.0/5.0 (She doesn't help you, so don't play her.)
Limited - 1.0/5.0 (She gets brownie points for being a legend, but she is
still is a mockery of a card, and unfortunately those brownie points helped
her reach the minimum.)

Danny Tatro

Karona, False God

       I can't wait for them to print her sister in the next set. She's supposed to also be  a big powerhouse just like this one. Her name was, I believe, "Koors, True God".
       No I'm just kidding, but she really sounds like a beer.

       In constructed she's garbage, and in limited she's still major garbage. In fact you'd have to be drunk to play her seriously. She is one of the defining cards that define the term, "Timmy". Although R&D may have gone as far enough with her as to even scare those kind of players away from her. So far Scourge looks worse than Legions. I hope there's at least one card that's as good as Caller was from Legions so this set has at least one merit. Maybe R&D is having trouble cause the best color in this block isn't be blue?
       I heard there's a landcycling card thats supposed to be the best card in the set. Hopefully it will be a good card, and not just the cream of the crap.

Well, lets all tip-a-keg for, "Karona, False Rare"!

Constructed: 1
Limited: 1  

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