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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Hollow Specter 
Legions Rare

Reviewed March 7, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Finally, something I can mention in constructed.

It's the new Hypnotic.  Okay, it's not as good, especially without Dark Ritual, but this guy can sure be wrong.  It does have the same good times that Hippie had, though - deal with me immediately, or I will deal with you.  Even at the worst, you pay 1 for them chosing and discarding a card.  Pay 3-4, and you have a Coercion.  I think this card will have a place in block.  In t2, it's scary with Madness running around.  If there was a good U/W control deck, this would be great against it.  Right now, though, the metagame doesn't have much place for this potential powerhouse.

In limited, it's a 2 power flier for 3.  You can strip cards from their hands.  If they don't remove it, you can kill off their fattie before it hits the board.  If they went second, strip the Solar Blast before it can kill the Specter.  It's fantastic in limited - I'd definitely play it in black, even if I had to push my mana hard to do it.

Constructed: 3.5
Limited: 4.5
Current Price:


Hollow Specter - Eww....nastay!  This guy forces your opponent to deal with it, like hurry up NOW, or pay the consequences.  Its cost is decent and that's what makes it playable, probably more so in block than in Type 2, but who knows what crazy concoction some deck creator will dream up?

In limited, he's more than decent. It's a quick hitting hand ravager that forces your opponent to come up with an answer, and fast. Honestly, the limited environment is lacking quantity and quality of flyers, plus they are in colors that are not favored for play. This guy could wreak a lot of havoc, potentially causing irreparable harm before it's dealt with. I'd still leave mana open for playing other stuff, but even if you only take their worst card each turn, it will take a toll. A quick pick in draft, and you DO play him if you're going black in sealed. Heck, he may be a reason to play black in sealed if you have black support.

Constructed: 3.75
Limited: 4.75

Judge Bill

Friday - Hollow Specter
A new take on Hypnotic and Abyssal Specter. This guy is VERY mana intensive for his discard if you really want to be able to Coercion them. Even making this just an Abyssal Specter costs one mana per turn. Maybe in November, when Odyssey block rotates out, this guy will have a home, but not right now.
In limited, he flies, and can take control of your opponent's tricks, given enough time and mana. I'd play him if I was already going black, although this alone wouldn't make me go black.
Constructed - 3
Limited - 4

 Van Zandt

Hollow Specter
This guy looks AMAZING on paper,  and while he is solid,  he's not that
solid.  Often the best way to go is to use him as a cheap abyssal specter
early on so you don't lose tempo,  then do a couple of big swings to make
sure they're not holing up any bombs.  People often make the mistake of
wasting 3 turns of tempo for 3 coercions.  And often this guy's not much
better than the dreamer,  if you're playing against blue or white.  He'll
invariably see some constructed play though,  I think,  because he is the
right cost.
constructed 3.3
limited 3.4


Hollow Specter ties up your mana but the ability is really very nice – I don’t know many players who wouldn’t want mid game Duress available at their beck and call. He is also priced right and a 2/2 Flyer for Black with no specials for 3 is decent. With this guys abilities 3 mana looks like a steal.


Constructed – This is where you get the best use out of him – 4.10

Limited – Still a good pick, especially if you are going Black, although the format does make his abilities a little less powerful – 3.85

Thank god for letting me review a non-super crapish card!!!

I don't know what this guy's going to do in type 2 but think he has a lot of potential, drop him turn three and nuke your opponent's hand turn 4. That simple... if you can keep him alive for one turn. He's a 2/2 flyer with a great ability for only three mana, what more could you ask for?

Constructed 4

Limited 4.5

Scott Sager Hollow Specter

"The new Hypnotic Specter" is actually not a bad comparison, unlike most that get thrown around when a new set is released.  Hollow gives you the same 2/2 flier for 1BB that Hippy gave you, you just have to invest a bit more for the ability. 

Limited:  A 2/2 flier for three in limited is great (look at the previous cards this week if you want proof), throw in the ability to choose an opponents card to discard and you have a decent bomb. 

Constructed: 3.5

Limited: 4


Friday - Hollow Specter

I guess they saved the best of this week for Friday.  Not a bad choice. 

As much as people have bragged about the specter, I think he is still lacking in some areas.  However, once he hits the board he is a threat you MUST deal with.  I think people should snap this up now before the price gets too high.  Maybe after regionals and a bit through the summer this card might gain some momentum.  At the very least, the 8th edition and the next block rotation should give the specter the help it needs to break into its own.

You should end the week by having fun looking at .  It's a good primer for regionals and nationals and with $5,000 up for grabs, everyone should be interested in what goes on.

Constructed: 3
Limited: 4.1

Danny Tatro

Hollow Specter - 03-07-03
     This is a ok limited card... its basically a bad gustcloak harrier. Although if your opponent has no blockers and you have excess mana, he could be better. Although a little situational, and his cost could possibly kill your tempo, making his ability less useful. Not bad though since its a decent black flyer. (Double black though)Turn 3 if he comes out you could get some early card advantage of their choice. Although it depends if your pitching tempo away... if not gofer it.

In constructed this thing won't see serious tourney play, not even in block, unless its for fun. Its just not worth the trouble- theres better decks and options. Also dark ritual isn't around so he can't break lose turn one like cards with this kind of casting cost would back when ritual was legal.

Constructed: 1.5
Limited: 3.25

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