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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Keeper of the Nine Gales 
Legions Rare

Reviewed March 21, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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The new Tradewind.  It's certainly not as good, though.  Birds are not the most optimal critters to begin with, and this thing has a less-than-JLo sized butt.  Most removal whacks it pretty easy.  I'd like to think it's gonna get played because I like the concept, but I'm not sure.  Maybe the metagame will be nice to it.  I'm not holding my breath.

In limited, outstanding if you're bird heavy, total crap if you're not.  Depends on your sealed/draft.

Constructed: 3
Limited: 4 (potentially)
Current Price:


Keeper of the Nine Gales - Ooooooo... okay, confession time. I'm a bird fan. Not that I think they have been very payable in the past. They haven't been. But I have always loved birds (that little thing on my picture to the left, perched on the right of the heart... a birdie =). Anyhow, this guy is interesting.  His cost is reasonable. He can return permanents. Hmmm. Maybe with Crookclaw Elder to draw cards, the Soul Catchers, Battle Screech... *sigh*.  Someone come up with a viable Type 2 Bird deck and email it to me!!!


I don't think it could stand up to most of the hard core decks, like Tog ( I really hate playing against tog...grrr....)

In limited, again as I explained earlier this week, you have to have 7 to 10 tribal creatures to make something tribal work well for you. Birds are not easy to come by in sealed. Maybe in draft, but drafting blue/white, especially taking birds just to fuel this guy, isn't always the smartest bet.

Constructed: 4 (hey, I can dream, can't I?)
Limited: 2.75

Judge Bill

Keeper of the Nine Gales
The card that so desparately wants to be a Tradewind Rider will never be one. The fact that you can only use birds is one major drawback. Another one is that the birds you have to use are so fragile (toughness <3). You might be able to make a deck on it, but I don't see it working with any great regularity in any serious competition.
And there's even less of a possibility in limited of getting this to work.
Constructed: 2
Limited: 1

 Van Zandt

Keeper of the Nine Gales
He's not tradewind, but he'll end up being a nuissance.  His lower toughness
is as big a drawback as his restrictions.  solid (but not a bomb) in
limited, in constructed there are 2 cards that make him ok, birds of
paradise and battle screech, and unfortunately none of those share a color,
so you'll have to push it to fit him in somewhere.
limited 3.2
constructed 2.9


Keeper of the Nine Gales – (to the tune of the Oscar Meier Wiener song) ‘I wish I were a Tradewind Rider, ‘cause that is what I really want to be. . .’ Well the cost is right and the ability can be good. Still with 2 toughness and the bird restriction this card is limited to Bird decks.


Constructed – Very useful for Bird decks as it really extends the utility and playability of the deck – 3.65


Limited – Not so many key permanents to bounce as in constructed and less birds as well. Still useful and at a good cost – 3.10

Keeper of the Nine Gales

heh heh... silly birds.

Once the blocks rotate I could see this guy trying to work with the green
muse to bring back an old deck arch type. Maybe a splash of white will be
required to get better birds but who knows? I think it'll make a decent fun
deck to say the least and depending of what the environment turns out to be
this guys might actually win youa turney or two.

In limited he's really great and could be nasty in a blue white deck... or
he could be if it wasn't for the tons of removal spells that can take him
out but I think he's still worth running. Then again I'm a freaing weirdo
who'e all about fun decks. = )

Constructed 2.5

Limited 3
Scott Sager Keeper of the Nine Gales

The "new Tradewind Rider".  Nope.  Needing to tap two Birds makes this card restricted to one type of deck.  The problem is that the deck is way too slow and unfocused to work.

Limited:  It's a 1/2 flier for 3cc.  Playable but only for the evasion.

Constructed:  2

Limited:  2.5

Danny Tatro

Keeper of the nine gales

     This card is not tradewind rider. Its much worse and won't see play because of it. Also it REALLY can't take a hit, and thats what a slow control needs to do, be able to take a hit, especially in the key card department.

     In limited its a bad flyer, I would never play it. Although it would be funny to pull combat tricks with this... but thats WAY too situational, and the situation can easily be disrupted or stopped.

Constructed: 1
Limited: 1.5


Keeper of the Nine Gales

Birds?? EHH!!! NO!  Tradewind Rider eats this guy
anyday of the week.  If you have birds, feh, you can
use him as removal in limited but..I don't think he's
too good, but he has flying!!!! 


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